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Apple iPhone X display reportedly becomes unresponsive in cold weather

The iPhone X's touch becomes unresponsive in environments with temperature around 7-degree Celsius.

  • Published: November 9, 2017 9:46 AM IST

Apple’s iPhone X has been awarded the best smartphone display, beating the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, some iPhone X users are now complaining of the smartphone’s display not working in the cold. These reports come from places where the drop in temperature has just started, and winter hasn’t really set in.

An iPhone X 256GB user first posted on Reddit about the device becoming unresponsive outside. Soon, many other iPhone X users started commenting on how they’re also facing the same problem. The Reddit thread further points out users eliminating possibilities of this problem occurring. The display of the iPhone X becomes unresponsive even without a screen protector. The temperature at which the iPhone X isn’t working right now varies between 45-degree Fahrenheit (7-degree Celsius) and 50-degree Fahrenheit (10-degree Celsius).

What’s concerning is that the temperature right now is only the onset of winter. With days to come, the temperature will drop even lower. Apple has listed the environmental requirements for the iPhone X’s working conditions. The iPhone X is supposed to work in ambient temperature ranging between 32-degree Fahrenheit and 95-degree Fahrenheit (0-degree Celsius to 35-degree Celsius). As opposed to Apple’s claims, the iPhone X doesn’t seem to function in the given temperature possibilities. DON’T MISS: Apple iPhone X first impressions: When you have to control your emotions

The same issue was discussed on MacRumors forum as well. Here, an iPhone X user said that “the touch was inconsistent and it was impossible to type quickly”. The user also said that this never occurred with any iPhones before. Another user pointed out that the iPhone X with the same temperature specifics works fine even in -5-degree Celsius. All users however pointed out that the iPhone X starts working fine once they go to a warmer environment. ALSO READ: Google Pixel 2 XL Vs Apple iPhone X Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Camera Comparison

This isn’t the first time the iPhone X’s display has been under the spotlight. Apple introduced OLED display on the iPhone X, and has said that long term users could face some issues like ‘burn-ins’ or ‘image persistence’. However it does say that the iPhone X still overcomes most of the challenges brought with an OLED display. The iPhone X’s unresponsive touch in cold temperature seems to be an issue Apple needs to respond to soon. RELATED: Apple iPhone X OLED display could suffer from ‘burn-in’ issues

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  • Published Date: November 9, 2017 9:46 AM IST