Apple iPhone X put through first drop tests; the results are shattering

A beautiful, broken iPhone X.

  • Updated: November 6, 2017 11:36 AM IST

Did you just buy the new Apple iPhone X? You should then put down everything, and buy a sturdy cover for your super expensive device because it is more important to protect the Rs 89,000 from damage than showcasing to the world its stunning aesthetics. Don’t believe us? Read on.

The iPhone X is a radically redesigned smartphone from Apple’s portfolio, marking 10 years of the iconic iPhone. It brings a blend of new and the old; which includes a new notch on the top surface for a bezel-less experience, wireless charging, and the much-talked-about glass and metal sandwich design which has been borrowed from the older iPhone 4 with an all-glass back. ALSO READ: Apple iPhone X notch, lack of stylus support mocked in new Samsung ad

When Apple discontinued the glass design from the older iPhone 4, it was owing to the fragility. In 2017, it seems history might repeat itself as the iPhone X has been put through a deliberate scratch and drop test, and an accidental drop. The results will make you cringe.

In the first instance, a heart-breaking picture of the $1,000 iPhone X has appeared on a Russian Twitter handle where the completely shattered rear panel of the device is shown. The tweet attached to it says that the device met its fate on the same day it was purchased. While there are no details as to how the brand-new iPhone X sustained such an injury, it is alarming to see what a single fall can do. ALSO READ: Apple India now supports warranties for iPhones purchased abroad

The scratch and drop test conducted by CNET confirms that it indeed is possible to damage the iPhone X with just a single fall from pocket height. In the first drop test, Vanessa Hand Orellana drops the iPhone X from a height of three-feet or about pocket-height with the device facing up. With the first impact, there are multiple fractures on the framing as well as the back panel. For the second test, the phone was dropped face down and boy, not only did the screen developed hairline cracks, the back panel too also developed deeper cracks all over. ALSO READ: Apple iPhone X: Man rides a horse, accompanied by a band to collect his new phone

At the time of launch, Apple stressed on how the front and back of the iPhone X are made of the strongest glass ever, but after these accidental and deliberate drops, it seems unlikely the phone can survive anything more than daily wear and tear.

The solution? Buy a good case for the iPhone X.

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  • Updated Date: November 6, 2017 11:36 AM IST