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Apple now wants to sell you an adapter to connect the iPhone to your new MacBook Pro

Apple’s new MacBook Pros only have USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3.0 ports for connecting peripherals.


After removing the 3.5mm jack from its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has now removed the standard connectors from its MacBook Pro. The redesigned line of laptop comes with a new ‘Touch Bar’ with Retina Display above the keyboard that replaces the physical function buttons with on-screen keys. However, the most drastic change isn’t only the touch bar but the Thunderbolt 3.0/USB Type-C ports as their sole connectors.

When Apple introduced its MacBook last year, it introduced one-port-for-all peripherals with Type-C. While there was a lot of hue and cry about having just one port to charge the MacBook or connect peripherals to it, Apple positioned the MacBook as a highly portable laptop with a day-long battery life. While one could still pardon that for the MacBook, we wonder what to do about the new lineup of professional-grade MacBook Pros that Apple introduced last night.

The MacBook Pro 13-inch comes with two Thunderbolt 3.0/USB Type-C ports while the 15-inch model comes with four of these ports. Luckily the company has not gone too overboard with removing even the 3.5mm headphone jack. So while you certainly have more ports than the MacBook, it also means that you will have to buy more adapters and connectors to connect any of your peripheral that does not come with USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3.0 connectivity. ALSO READ: Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar launched: India price, specifications and features

The irony is such that while most flagship Android smartphones these days come with a USB Type-C port and have a compatible cable in the box, in order to connect your iPhone to the new MacBook Pro, you will have to buy this Lightning to USB Type-C cable from Apple, which costs $25 (approximately Rs 1,675). What’s more, the EarPods with Lightning Connector you got with your new iPhone 7, well they won’t work with your new MacBook Pro either. And for almost anything you’d want to connect to the MacBook Pro, you will have to buy and carry an adapter. Here’s a list of connectors that Apple is currently selling for the new MacBook Pro.


One of the good things about a total adoption of the Type-C connector for the MacBook Pros is that they are backward compatible, which means you won’t have to bother about plugging peripherals the wrong way. However, you will still need an adapter to user USB-A devices with the laptop. All the USB-C ports are also Thunderbolt 3 which allows one to connect the MacBook to dual 4K displays. It essentially means faster data transfer between hard drives and computers. For those who use a USB-C equipped external hard drive, the transfer rate of data will eventually go up. However, this transition time is going to be painful for most users.  ALSO READ: Apple iPhone 7 Plus ‘Portrait Mode’ review: Adding a new dimension to your photos

  • Published Date: October 28, 2016 1:05 PM IST