Apple Park Campus gets finishing touches; to boast a 100,000 square-feet gym, 9,000 trees and unique air-conditioning system

Ahead of the unveiling, we finally get a close look at Apple’s ambitious Park Campus.


Photo - WIRED

Apple’s ambitious spaceship-like campus is almost ready. In the run-up to its imminent unveiling, we have been treated to a lot of photos and drone footage that have kept us abreast with the ongoing construction. But now, we are getting the closest look at the Apple Park Campus yet, along with a healthy dose of history around it.

The WIRED’s Steven Levy was given a personal tour of the new Apple Park Campus, along with anecdotes about how this project consumed the last couple of years of Steve Jobs’ life. From convincing the Cupertino City Council to spending hours in meetings with London-based architectural firm Foster + Partners, Jobs was consumed with the idea of making his dream a reality.

The Apple Park Campus is not only ambitious, but its sheer size and its various features are simply mind-boggling. The 150-acre campus is big enough to accommodate up to 13,000 employees, and the circular design features up to 2.8 million square feet of workspace. For future product launches, there’s also a brand-new Apple Steve Jobs Theatre that can seat up to 1,000 people.

For its employees, the campus boasts a 100,000 square-feet gym and wellness center. “I’m a big believer in people staying active. It’s something that makes them feel better and more energetic,” Tim Cook was quoted as saying. “It’s all about the fixation on the customer, and the customers here are our people, our employees.” Apple has also opted for a unique air-conditioning system, which focusses on natural ventilation. In essence, fresh air flows from outside into water-filled pipes, sending cooled air inside the building.

Apple has also been its usual self when it comes to being anal about the smallest of details. It has obsessed over things like the outside glass remaining white, and the solar panels being placed at a precise angle so that they wouldn’t show streaks after it rained. In the center of the park is a vast ground where 9,000 drought-tolerant trees have been planted, and the entire campus also stands on “huge steel base isolators” that can help it survive earthquakes.

Despite all these details, there’s still no word on when Apple will open its Park Campus. The report however hints that the project is moving on a tight deadline, and the first set of employees could moving within a month.

  • Published Date: May 17, 2017 9:55 AM IST