Apple patent hints at TouchID sensors embedded in the iPhone display


Apple has fitted most of its new devices with a TouchID sensor embedded in the home button. In what could be a glimpse at a feature in future iPhones, Apple’s patent reveals that it is working on incorporating the fingerprint scanner in the display itself, PatentlyApple reports.



This innovative bit from Apple could actually delight the app makers as they will be able to easily design apps around this feature and can also prep up a user interface that will inherently take advantage of the feature.

The patent doesn’t just show the shifted TouchID sensor. According to the sketches, users will be able to register fingerprint at four separate points simultaneously. The main advantage of this feature will be the fact that it would be extremely difficult to break in into the system.

As with all patents, this too is just an idea Apple seems to be working on. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will feature on the next iPhone.

  • Published Date: February 6, 2015 6:26 PM IST