Apple patents an AirPods-style charging case for its Apple Watch

Apple Watch might soon get an AirPods style charging case that will also act as storage for additional bands.

  • Published: February 28, 2018 2:01 PM IST

Apple has been granted a patent for an Apple Watch charging case, which works similar to the case used to charge the AirPods. The idea is said to be a case to store the Watch when not in use, and simultaneously charge the device.

The design of the case in the patent application seems to be significantly different from the one offered with the original $10,000 Apple Watch Edition. It is not really clear how much value the watch case will add to the experience of an Apple Watch user since most people will be wearing them on their wrist through the day.

Image: Patently Apple

One of the most interesting aspects of the case is that it will have space to store additional bands. The patent application describes that “Some embodiments of the disclosure pertain to a case that can securely hold and store a portable electronic device, such as a wrist-worn or other wearable electronic device, along with one or more bands that can be used with the device.”

Apple does not go into length describing what kind of band will the case be storing or does it plan to create a band to extend the battery life of the Watch itself. “Embodiments of the case can include circuitry that can charge the stored electronic device and some embodiment can further include circuitry that can charge the one or more bands stored in the case if those bands have electronic components, such as circuitry, sensors and/or batteries, that also require power,” the application describes the charging part of the case.

A case that can both store and charge the Apple Watch might be convenient especially while traveling so you can store the Watch and also get it charged without the need to carry an additional charger. Apple patents in the past have indicated a powered strap with additional sensors and circuitry that could be in works and charged by this case.

There are already a number of third-party Apple Watch charging cases, some of which include battery packs to charge the wearable and others that act as a storage solution. Apple is expected to refresh its wearable later this year, and we might see this case debut at that time.

  • Published Date: February 28, 2018 2:01 PM IST