Apple Watch helps identify prime suspect in a murder case

Apple Watch data gave out prosecutors the biggest loophole in the original report of the murder case.

  • Published: March 30, 2018 4:35 PM IST
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Apple Watch has been playing backhand super hero shots lately, and we hope you are taking notice! There have been a number of instances where the Watch alerted a wearer to potential heart problems with its heart-rate monitoring features. Then earlier this year, Apple Watch’s SOS feature saved the life of a woman and her baby, after they were in a car accident. And now, Apple Watch has apparently helped identify a price suspect in a murder case that happened in Australia.

Myrna Nilsson, a 57-year-old woman, was murdered in her home in Australia in September 2016, and her Apple Watch heart rate data gave out some big clues to her prosecutors, Daily Mail reports. Earlier, it was reported that the woman was attacked by a group of men “who had forced their way into the property after a road rage incident”. But after examining the data by a forensic expert from the Apple Watch worn by the Nilsson, it was found that the home invasion scene was fabricated by the witness.

The prosecutor in the case told the court that according to the Apple Watch data a burst of heavy activity was spotted, followed by a period of less activity, which soon after turned into the Watch ceasing recording the heart rate of the woman. This proved that an “ambush-type” attack took place consistently instead of any home invasion case. The data was notably narrowed to a seven-minute window – between the time when the attack happened and the victim died.

The data retrieved from the Apple Watch also highlighted some false statements given by Nilsson’s daughter-in-law. “The prosecution accumulates those timings and the information about energy levels, movement, heart rate, to lead to a conclusion that the deceased must have been attacked at around 6.38 pm and had certainly died by 6.45 pm,” the prosecutor said.

Based on the evidence that came from the Watch data, the Australian police has arrested the daughter-in-law with murder charges. She will, however, return to court to prove her side.

  • Published Date: March 30, 2018 4:35 PM IST