Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection is enabled automatically for users who are 65 years and older

Others can enable the feature from the Emergency SOS settings under the My Watch Tab menu.

  • Published: September 24, 2018 11:08 AM IST
Apple Watch 4 series Fall detection

The new Apple Watch Series 4 comes with plenty of the new features. One of the most talked about however is its Fall Detection capability, which Apple claims will detect falls and allow the user to contact emergency services if needed. While it’s said to work accurately, it is important to know that the feature is not automatically enabled unless you’re 65 years of age or older.

According to an Apple support page spotted by a Reddit user, the Fall Detection feature is enabled automatically if you have set your age as 65 years or older on the Apple Watch or in the Health app. For other users, the feature needs to be turned on manually by going into the Emergency SOS settings under the My Watch Tab menu.

Further, Apple also explains that the Watch might not be able to detect all the falls accurately. It also states that a physically active person might trigger the feature more often when undertaking intense high impact activites.

That said, so far many people have reported the Apple Watch 4 to be capable of identifying real falls from pretend ones. Apple claims that when it detects a real fall, the Watch taps you on the wrist, sounds an alarm, and displays an alert. The user has three options to choose from on the screen, ‘I fell but I’m okay,’ ‘I did not fall,’ or a slider to contact emergency services immediately.

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If the Watch detects movement, it will wait for a response. However, if no movement is detected for a minute, the Watch will start a 15 second countdown, further tapping and sounding a louder alarm. At the end of the countdown, the Apple Watch will contact emergency services along with the emergency contacts, with the location of the user. The option to setup the emergency contacts can be found in the Medical ID tab in the Health app.

  • Published Date: September 24, 2018 11:08 AM IST