Apple Watch Series 4 Review roundup: Initial thoughts claim that it is better than ever

Apple has priced the wearable starting from Rs 40,900 for the 40mm GPS-only variant with no information on launch date or availability.

  • Published: September 20, 2018 9:50 AM IST
Apple Watch Series 4 lead

Apple announced the latest version of its premium wearable, the Apple Watch Series 4 at the annual hardware launch event about two weeks back. Apple Watch was the only product that the company had launched at the event apart from the with 2018 iPhone lineup that included the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. The company added a number of new features to the Watch in addition to refining the design with a larger screen that reduces the narrow bezels on the wearable. The company has priced the wearable starting from Rs 40,900 for the 40mm GPS-only variant, but there is no information on launch date or availability.

Series 4 is one of the most significant redesigns that Apple Watch has received in three years. Apple claims that the new wearable will come with improved performance and better connectivity with help of the new S4 processor. In terms of features, the watch can detect falls allowing users to connect with emergency services in case of a hard fall. The company has also added ECG for improved heart rate monitoring with the help of in-built electrodes. The company has already sent out the device to reviewers in North America for testing.

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Considering that the India launch has not been announced yet, we thought that it was the first time to do a review roundup for the Apple Watch Series 4 in case you can’t wait and want to source the watch from your friends or family in the United States. To kick things off, for the roundup, we have selected top western publications to get a sense of the general outlook towards the Series 4 wearable.

Dieter Bohn from The Verge adds, “With apologies to the new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 4 was the most impressive thing Apple announced last week. After using it for the past week or so, I think it lives up to the hype.” He went on to state “the Apple Watch has earned its place as the best-selling watch” pointing out that Apple is not aiming at everyone in the market with this wearable. Bohn concludes by adding, “Now that Apple has figured out what the Apple Watch is for, the Series 4 just makes it better.”

Moving to the second review, Brain Heater for TechCrunch adds, “Apple Watch is an elegant solution from both a hardware and software standpoint. It walks the key wearable line of being engaging when necessary and fading into the background the rest of the time.” He concludes by adding, “The addition of serious health features like ECG and fall detection further lay the groundwork for a what the device — and category — will become, going forward.”

Brian Chen for The New York Times added, “Apple Watch is perhaps one of the most significant developments in wearable gadgets in years. People with heart problems can easily use the EKG app to take electrocardiograms whenever they sense something abnormal, without the rigmarole I went through.” He emphasized that the addition of EKG app is a game changer for users and their doctors when it comes to sharing data on accurate heart rate monitoring.

The Wired review by Scott Rosenfield stated, “It’s the combination of hardware and software health features that make this watch special” to encapsulate the wearable. All these reviews convey that Apple has managed to improve on its wearable offering both on the hardware and software end of things. One thing to note here is that this is by no means a verdict from BGR India as we still have to test the wearable when Apple plans to make it available in the Indian market.

  • Published Date: September 20, 2018 9:50 AM IST