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Apple working on wearable charger module for Watch, patent reveals

Apple is weighing on possibilities to make charging the Watch effortless.


I have been using the Apple Watch for over a year now, and absolutely love the smartwatch. However, I have always had this one big grudge against the device, that it has now become just one another device in my life that I have to put on charge everyday. But, reportedly, and very fortunately, Apple is weighing the possibility of developing a wearable battery module to charge an Apple Watch while it’s being worn. That would make charging the smartwatch so effortless.

This report develops from a recently published patent, and the details of the invention were released by the US Patent and Trademark Office, under the title “Charging apparatus for wearable electronic device”.

According to the patent filing, the module uses an inductive element to transmit power to the smartwatch, similar to the one used in the existing Apple Watch magnetic charging cable. So essentially, it would be like portable power bank for the Apple Watch.

There are two models of the module shown in the patent filing, one of which talks about a charged embedded within the watch. This idea is similar to another patent from last year by the company, called the ‘Modular functional band links for wearable devices,’ which was basically strap designs that could connect to the Apple Watch with the diagnostics port. ALSO READ: Apple to start manufacturing iPhones in India by June

Coming back to the current patent filing, the second model depicts a separate module that sits underneath the watch chassis and snugly attaches to an existing band, with a sleek wire.

The patent filing reveals that the induction component in the second model is capable of both transmitting and receiving power, and aligns itself with the smartwatch or an external charging source using magnets. Apple proposes the use of heat-dissipating circuitry to ensure the module is comfortable to wear against the skin, while various wired solutions are also described for charging the device itself when not in use. ALSO READ: Future Apple Watches could get slimmer, reveals new patent application

Apple has recently filed various patents that aim to improve on their existing technology. One such patent application was released late last year, which aimed to work on a new design for the Apple Watch that could help make the device much slimmer. Called the “Band attachment mechanism with haptic response”, the patent reveals a smartwatch with haptic feedback mechanism incorporated to the casing located adjacent to the bottom or one side of the wrist. According to the patent, the smarter casing will help deliver a similar or superior experience in comparison with the existing Taptic Engine in the Apple Watch.

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  • Published Date: February 3, 2017 7:05 PM IST
  • Updated Date: February 3, 2017 7:06 PM IST