ARM Cortex-A76 CPU unveiled, along with Mali-G76 GPU and Mali-V76 VPU for next-gen smartphones

Cortex-A76 is based on DynamicIQ, to ensure performance that one gets in a laptop and the battery life of a smartphone.

  • Published: June 1, 2018 7:32 PM IST
arm cortex-a76

ARM, the Britain-based semiconductor giant has announced a number of new products including a new CPU, GPU, and a VPU. Their new products include Cortex-A76 CPU, Mali-G76 GPU, and Mali-V76 VPU in its bid to improve the experiences across all the products in the market that use the ARM design and demand “premium mobile experiences”. It is likely that you may not have heard much about ARM as a major semiconductor player and your knowledge may be limited to Qualcomm or probably Mediatek. We don’t blame you because ARM works from behind the curtain while working on most significant designs.

Major companies such as Qualcomm, Microsoft, Samsung, AMD, Broadcom, Huawei, Intel, Nvidia, and even Apple use the design made by ARM for their processors. Moving to the details about the new products, ARM claims that its new microarchitecture will allow for 35 percent more performance year-on-year. Mali-G76 GPU will offer 30 percent increase in performance and efficiency when compared to its earlier generation and Mali-V76 will allow “UHD 8K viewing experiences”.

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ARM also notes the primary reason for the new CPU, GPU, and VPU design pointing out that these new products are aimed at ARM-based SoCs for the Always-Connected PCs. The company added that the first-generation ARM-based laptops “are just the first step in the aforementioned annual performance” competition.

Image: Arm

To simplify it all, ARM is planning to ensure that is achieves similar improvements in the performance for its ARM-based laptops that it manages for its Smartphone CPU and GPU designs. What is more exciting is that these designs can be used both in SoCs for smartphones as well as laptops. The company is aiming at the performance in immersive AR/VR, gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and UHD 8K content.

Image: Arm

Cortex-A76 is based on DynamicIQ, to ensure performance that one gets in a laptop and the battery life of a smartphone. It offers 40 percent improved efficiency. Mali-G76 offers 30 percent improvement in performance and efficiency when it comes to the graphics department.

Mali-V76 will support decoding of 8K video stream up to 60fps or four 4K streams at up to 60fps, enabling them to record while doing a video conference. The company highlights scenarios such as streaming four 4K movies at once or watching four games in 4K. Lowering the decoding resolution to 1080p increases the decoding support to up to 16 streams.

  • Published Date: June 1, 2018 7:32 PM IST