Audeze Mobius: A pair of headphones that bring 3D sound, audiophile sonic quality and wireless convenience, all in one

The Audeze Mobius marks a bunch of firsts for the American headphone manufacturer, including wireless, gaming and affordability.

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Late last year, I had been invited to a meeting in Mumbai with Sankar Thiagasamudram, the India-born CEO and founder of Audeze. One of the most exciting audio and headphone manufacturers in the world, Audeze has quickly risen to become one of the most critically acclaimed in its field. I’ve reviewed a bunch of Audeze headphones, and indeed I haven’t heard one pair that isn’t great. The company’s focus on planar magnetic drivers and audiophile sound has won it a fan following the world over, and particularly in India.

During that meeting a few months ago, Sankar unveiled a working prototype of Audeze’s latest product, now called the Mobius. It’s unlike anything Audeze has ever done before, considering the company has stuck to premium (read: VERY expensive) audiophile products. This pair of Audeze headphones was departing from the typical approach of the company completely. It was touted to be technologically advanced, designed for gaming and movie watching, wireless and most surprisingly, affordable. An Audeze headset with all the bells and whistles for less than Rs 25,000? Indeed.

First Impressions

I even had a chance to listen to the new headphones, albeit in its prototype form. The functionality is brilliant in that it gets surround sound right even while your head is moving around. After some initial tuning and setup, the headset uses its accelerometer and gyroscope to pinpoint its position on your head. As I moved my head from side-to-side, the sound moved with it in real time. The effect achieved was that no matter what direction I faced, the sound was coming from the direction it was meant to – in this case, the computer screen where I was watching the video.

The Audeze Mobius is therefore built not for audiophile use with music at all. Instead, it’s meant to be used as audio support for any experience that is predominantly visual. This can be gaming – the primary market that the Audeze Mobius is aimed at – or home theater, where the Mobius can serve as a convenient substitute for a surround sound system. Apart from the stated capabilities of the sound when it comes to surround sound, the Mobius relies on high quality equipment.

In terms of connectivity, the headphones can be connected to a source device through Bluetooth, USB-C, USB-A, and a 3.5mm jack, and obviously have a built-in top-quality DAC for converting digital signals to analogue. This includes Audeze’s signature planar magnetic drivers, which promise better sonic responses and neutrality across the range, Bluetooth with LDAC and AAC capability, a claimed ten hours of battery life on a single charge, microphone support for gaming and more.

In short, the Audeze Mobius could well be the most technologically advanced gaming headset ever created. Thanks to all of this, it sounds great as well, and having the sonic capabilities of Audeze backing your gaming or home theater experience is an enticing proposition.

But doesn’t Audeze cost a lot of money?

Audeze does typically go at very high prices, particularly some of its bigger, better sounding headphones. A quick look at the Indian prices of Audeze products shows that most products have pricing well above Rs 30,000, with some going significantly higher. That’s why a surprising aspect of the Audeze Mobius is that it’s slated to go on sale in June in India at around Rs 25,000, according to Audeze’s distributor in India, We’re looking forward to bringing you a full review as soon as we can.

  • Published Date: March 15, 2018 10:08 AM IST