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BGR India News Wrap: Paint's brief death, RIP iPod nano and shuffle, Jeff Bezos overtakes Bill Gates and more

Here are our top five news stories of the week.

Waving a teary goodbye to Apple iPod shuffle and nano, another week in the world of technology drew to a close. The week was an interesting one with the anticipation of the upcoming flagships intensifying. In fact, there were quite a few new launches that we saw this week, right from the Moto Z2 Force in the US to the Xiaomi Mi 5X in China. Xiaomi also announced the Mi AI speaker in its home market, which is a direct competition to Apple HomePod and Google Home. While the flagship and premium phone race continued, the news of a few demises broke as well. Beside the goodbyes that we said to the iPod shuffle and nano, Adobe announced that Flash would be killed by 2020, and Microsoft bid goodbye to MS Paint (albeit briefly).

Just when everyone thought it didn’t matter, and it was (almost) forgotten, Microsoft announced that Paint would soon be dead. And it unleashed a wave of nostalgia with many challenging the decision. The company announced that Paint would no longer be a part of the new  Windows 10 Creators Update. Soon after that new broke, a petition on was released, requesting Microsoft to not kill the software. Clearing the air, Microsoft soon announced that the Paint app isn’t exactly dying, but that in the new Creators Update it would no longer come pre-installed. It can still be downloaded from the Windows Store. So much for heartbroken goodbyes.

While Paint continues to live on, another childhood memory was seen slipping out of the palms — the iPod shuffle and nano. Apple has officially killed the iPod shuffle and iPod nano with the devices no longer listed on Apple stores. The only iPod to stand the test of time is the iPod touch. iPod shuffle and nano were both launched back in 2005 and have seen an uber successful run for nearly a decade, with sales dipping in recent times. After killing off iPod classic in 2014, Apple has now killed off the other two oldest iPods in its inventory. Apple has also updated the iPod touch with new 32GB and 128GB versions, with one the former available in India for now.

Mergers and joint ventures are not new in the world of technology, and the previous week saw another deal come to a close. While CCI approved the VodafoneIdea merger and the two rivals finally shook hands, the Flipkart-Snapdeal acquisition has been less than smooth. Flipkart has been known to be actively working towards acquiring Snapdeal, with the latter e-commerce portal resisting Flipkart’s takeover. The boards of both companies have been at odds with regards to the future — the rivalry in the e-commerce space extending to the merger too. The deal seems to have finally settled with Flipkart revising the previous offer to $900-$950 million. While Flipkart will take over Snapdeal, Freecharge wallet owned by Snapdeal will be merged with Axis Bank.

Further, while Flipkart is growing with the mergers and acquisitions, Amazon continues to race ahead. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon was briefly the richest man in the world, displacing Bill Gates before the Amazon earnings came in. He has since then moved to the second position, and the brief stint has sparked off a whole lot of jokes and memes on social media.

For that matter, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been growing at an exponential pace as well. The messenger app now boasts one million daily active users across the globe. There are a whopping 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion photos and over 1 billion videos shared daily over the platform. The app continues to work on improving the experience and the latest beta update shows in-app shortcuts to the camera, new chats, and more.

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  • Published Date: July 29, 2017 12:40 PM IST