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Binge watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime is harming you: Report

A survey has shown that lack of sleep over binge-watching was the third-most health-deprecating factor for Indians in 2019.

  • Published: January 14, 2020 11:54 AM IST
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Binge-watching on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have picked up a lot in India over the last couple of years. The streaming service has grown to become more popular among Indian citizens. The number of people using streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime has only gone up with the popularization of affordable high-speed 4G data.

However, the continuous binge-watching practices is making Indians lose sleep, reports HealthifyMe, a health and fitness app. According to the app, the practice of binge-watching has gone up to become the third reason that most affects the well-being of Indians. Long hours on the streaming services cause loss of sleep. The top two health-deprecating factors remain long working hours and junk food.

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“Over 50% of our nutritionists highlighted sleep deprivation due to streaming services as one of the top three social trends that affected the physical well-being of their clients in 2019,” HealthifyMe says. “Most of the clients binge-watched shows like Game of Thrones, Sacred Games, Friends, Family Man, and Made in Heaven. When it comes to sports, several binge-watched football, especially when the leagues were on.”

The app conducted a survey asking 500 nutritionists about what made Indians unhealthy in 2019. The options provided to them were long working hours, easily accessible packaged food, sleep deprivation, food delivery services and long commuting hours.

The results of the survey showed that 81.7 percent votes went to long working hours. Packaged foods bagged spot number two with 53.7 percent votes. Losing sleep over streaming services was a close third at 51.6 percent votes. Further, Food delivery services and long commute hours were voted fourth and fifth with 44.7 and 43.2 percent votes.

Why is binge-watching such a popular practice?

The growth in popularity with streaming services can be blamed largely on word-of-mouth and episode listing practices. When a person watches a good show, he/she wants his/her friends to watch and appreciate the show as well. Moreover, original streaming service shows release entire seasons comprising an average of about 10 episodes together. For instance, Stranger Things by Netflix or The Boys by Amazon Prime.

Further, most of these episodes often end on cliffhangers. This subconsciously triggers watchers, luring them into binge-watching subsequent episodes. Streaming services have also become more appealing. An Amazon Prime Video subscription is bundled with Amazon Prime, that gives you perks while ordering from Amazon. Meanwhile, Netflix recently launched a super-cheap single-screen plan just for Indian users at merely Rs 199 per month.

  • Published Date: January 14, 2020 11:54 AM IST