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Bose noise masking sleepbuds ensure sound sleep at night

Bose noise masking sleepbuds draw out external noise by countering it with a soothing soundtrack.

  • Published: June 22, 2018 2:45 PM IST
Bose noise masking sleepbuds

Bose has created its first noise masking pair of earbuds that are designed to help users sleep better. The earbuds help block out external noise by playing soothing tracks that can enable users to fall asleep a lot quicker and achieve a much more peacefully sleep at night. Bose calls them the ‘noise masking sleepbuds’ and is pricing them at $250 (approximately Rs 17,000).

It’s important to note that these pair of earbuds do not support any music or podcast playback. They are solely created by the company to help users sleep better. Bose had initially introduced the sleepbuds on Indiegogo crowdfunding site, to look for product testers and study the potential of this technology. Based on the feedback it got from these users, Bose has finally launched the noise masking sleepbuds.

The format here is different compared to Bose’s noise cancelling technology. The sleepbuds are essentially white noise machines that help draw out external noise by playing another sound. They are equipped with a range of 10 soothing tracks that include something on the lines of rustling leaves, ocean waves and wind turbines. Each of those sounds is designed to counter a noise that you might encounter while sleeping. This could include the loud city street, snoring partners or even the air conditioner.

Bose sleepbuds can be controlled through the Bose Sleep app on the phone, which can be used to change the audio track, update the earbuds, set alarms and simply customize the overall experience. The sleepbuds feature Bluetooth connectivity and are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Bose claims that the earbuds will work for 16 hours on a single charge and the charging case can further extend the battery life to another 16 hours.

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The highlight of the sleepbuds is the design. Bose seems to have paid attention-to-detail here, in order to make them sit inside the ear, without causing any discomfort. Each earbud measures up to a centimeter and weighs under half a gram. There are also three different sized ear tips provided, which Bose claims further help reduce the external noise.

  • Published Date: June 22, 2018 2:45 PM IST