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BSNL’s Rs 2,099 prepaid plan now offers 6.1GB daily data

BSNL’s Bumper Offer is now valid till January 31, 2019.

  • Published: December 9, 2018 11:06 AM IST

BSNL is reportedly extending the validity of its ‘Bumper Offer’ till January 31, 2019. As per TelecomTalk, the telco’s offer has been tweaked a bit, and it now offers 2.1GB of extra data every day – down from 2.2GB per day. Additionally, eligibility for BSNL’s Bumper Offer has now been expanded to two more prepaid plans. Read on to find out all the details.

Earlier, 11 prepaid plans were eligible for BSNL’s Bumper Offer. But now, the company has added its Rs 1,699 and Rs 2,099 annual prepaid plans to the eligibility list. These two plans are valid for 365 days, and offer 2GB and 4GB data per day respectively. With the additional benefits of the Bumper Offer, the Rs 1,699 and Rs 2,099 will now offer 4.1GB and 6.1GB of data per day.

BSNL’s Bumper Offer was first rolled out back in September this year. The idea was to offer additional data above and beyond what is on available in the plan. So for instance if you subscribed to a plan offering 1GB data per day, the Bumper Offer would boost the mobile data available to 3.1GB per day. The initial list of eligible prepaid plans included Rs 186, Rs 429, Rs 485, Rs 666, Rs 999, and STVs like Rs 187, Rs 333, Rs 349, Rs 444 and Rs 448.

Recently, the state-run company revised its broadband plans available across the country. The revision saw a five-time increase in data offerings, but also an introduction of a daily FUP limit. The broadband plans seeing a revision included Rs 675, Rs 845, Rs 999, Rs 1,199, Rs 1,495, Rs 1,745, and Rs 2,295.

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With the revision, the Rs 675 and Rs 845 plans offer 10GB data per day at 10 Mbps, which will drop to 2 Mbps after FUP. The Rs 999 plan now offers 15GB daily data at 10 Mbps speeds, while the Rs 1,199 plan offers 20GB daily data. Lastly, the high-priced Rs 1,495, and Rs 1,745 plans now offer 25GB, and 30GB daily data per day at 15 Mbps. The Rs 2,295 plan offers 35GB daily data at 24 Mbps speeds.

  • Published Date: December 9, 2018 11:06 AM IST