CES 2018: Nokia Sleep with advanced sleep tracking sensor announced

Nokia Sleep monitors how well you're sleeping.

  • Published: January 12, 2018 12:57 PM IST

At CES 2018, Nokia unveiled its newest health product. Called Nokia Sleep, it is a new gadget to provide a better sleep at night. Nokia sleep is said to have an advanced sensors to deliver personalized sleep analysis. It is built into a mattress pad, which can then be tracked with the help of a smartphone.

The device will track your sleep duration, interruptions and the quality of the shut-eye you’re getting each night. In addition, the pad integrates with IFTTT, an app that lets you automate your smart home.

The mattress is synced to Health Mate App with Alexa, the cloud-based voice assistant from Amazon. The mattress records the sleep pattern where the data is analyzed by the app, and then shows you results based on the recorded pattern. The ‘Nokia Sleep’ pad is also enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The mattress-pad slides under the mattress to track the insights of sleeping, and also provides personal advice to improve sleeping patterns. Additionally, if you’re having trouble sleeping, then you will also be suggested to try an eight-week course on improving your sleep.

Nokia says that sleep is the key factor in a healthy lifestyle, and sleep deficiency may lead to kidney or heart diseases and even high blood pressure, and stroke. This is among the main reasons why the company choose to launch a device like ‘Nokia Sleep’. The Nokia Sleep sensor is expected to ship in the first quarter of this year, and is priced at $99.95 (Rs 6,300 approximately).

  • Published Date: January 12, 2018 12:57 PM IST