Cloudflare announces its first consumer DNS system to support data privacy online

Cloudflare's new privacy centric DNS system is a potent tool to protect your privacy online

  • Published: April 2, 2018 2:41 PM IST
Cloudflare privacy maib

Cloudflare has announced its first consumer DNS service as the conservation around privacy online has become ever more important. The company has announced a new tool to fight back advertisers and internet service providers who are constantly monitoring your browsing data. Cloudflare has launched, a free Domain Name System service that promises to prevent ISPs from tracking your web history. This is the first consumer facing product from the company.

A DNS or Domain Name System is the mask that translates an IP address into web domains. With Cloudflare’s new DNS, users can point their DNS setting to the namesake address and it will not only prevent your ISPs from monitoring your site visits but also from anyone else on the internet. It explains that the new DNS system watches the DNS queries made by your device to prevent your data being exposed to ISP or advertisers.

The most important thing being that Cloudflare promises to avoid writing any querying addresses to disk and also wipe all logs within 24 hours. With privacy being such a tough ask online, Cloudflare went a step ahead by getting its codes and practices audited by KPMG on a yearly basis as an attempt to confirm that it is doing what it promises with the new DNS system. The new DNS system also has the ability to speed up your internet connection. Cloudflare claims that its DNS resolution is faster than that of typical internet provider and even that of rival DNS offerings.

Cloudflare says it has an averge resolution of 14ms worldwide compared to more than 20ms for OpenDNS and over 30ms for Google. Now while an user might not see a huge difference in performance after switching to Cloudflare’s new privacy-focused DNS, it will definitely make the internet experience more responsive than in the past.

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Cloudflare’s announcement to offer a consumer DNS comes just when privacy online seems to have been threatened by big data firms like Cambridge Analytica, which created a tool to harvest user data from Facebook. As security researchers have observed, DNS by default is not encrypted and Cloudflare’s DNS alone won’t ensure complete security online. However, it will serve as a great additional tool for protecting your privacy online. The internet speed will see rapid boost if the website is also serviced by Cloudflare’s DNS system.

  • Published Date: April 2, 2018 2:41 PM IST