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Computex 2018: Asus Project Precog offers a glimpse at dual-screen AI-powered concept laptop

The dual-display laptop of the future is powered by AI.

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Asus has made a number of interesting announcements at the ongoing Computex 2018 conference in Taipei, Taiwan. The company announced a gaming-centric ROG Phone, which comes with the fastest hardware on an Android smartphone till date. Asus also announced the VivoWatch BP with built in ECG that can measure your blood pressure, and the ZenBook Pro with a 5.5-inch touchpad, that’s actually a secondary display. But, there was one more jaw dropping product that made everyone go wow!

In the past, we heard rumors about Apple planning to replace the keyboard with a touchscreen display. Lenovo has already done it with the Yoga Book which comes with the ‘halo keyboard’ – a touch-sensitive surface that can be used for sketching, and with a touch of a button, it lights up the outlines of keys, turning it into a keyboard. And now, meet Asus Project Precog, a concept laptop powered by AI, and it comes with a dual-screen.

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Project Precog is basically a full-fledged convertible – you can use it in a tent formation, folded around as a tablet or in traditional laptop mode, where the bottom screen doubles as a keyboard. It is an adaptive screen, which allows developers to have a number of possibilities to customize their apps to make the full use of the second screen.

Although in a concept phase, Asus did have a working display model at the event. It comes with the main screen, and the keyboard is replaced with a multipurpose secondary screen. The second display at the bottom doubles up as a keyboard, or you can have two individual screens where you can work on one, and watch videos or anything else on the other. Asus says it can help programmers where they can connect an external wireless keyboard and have a code running on one screen, while continuing surfing the internet or use other apps on the second screen.

Asus says, it is smart enough to optimize the battery charging based on the time of the day. When you are creating a document on Word or using Excel, the second screen can give you suggestions or have shortcuts for cut, copy and paste, among others. And Project Precog uses Intel’s Movidius visual processing unit to detect where your hands are at all the time.

Talking about Artificial Intelligence, the Project Precog laptop supports Windows Cortana and Amazon Alexa to process tasks. So, while you are working on a doc or surfing the internet, you can ask Cortana or Alexa to carry out other tasks, such as add reminders, ask for weather, check appointments, and much more.

While Project Precog is just in its development phase, Asus said that it will be officially available sometime in 2019. Sadly, besides just showing off the convertible laptop, Asus did not mention anything about the hardware that powers the convertible laptop.

We will have to wait until it is officially launched. But as a concept, it looks very promising, and it remains to be seen how developers can optimize the apps to make the full use of the dual display.

Disclosure – The writer is in Taipei attending Computex 2018 on Asus’ invite. Asus has sponsored the travel and accommodation for the correspondent.

  • Published Date: June 6, 2018 9:22 AM IST

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