Computex 2018: Asus VivoWatch BP with support for blood pressure measurement, 28 days battery live announced

The VivoWatch BP comes with an optical ECG sensor and a PPG sensor to measure blood pressure on the go.

asus vivowatch bp front

Today, a lot of people are getting serious about their health, due to which fitness bands have now become popular. You have the likes of fitness-focused smartwatches, or the fitness bands to choose from. Besides basic sleep tracking and activities like steps taken, calories burned, and distanced walked, some of them are capable of heart rate measurement too. However, you don’t have something that can measure blood pressure. At Computex 2018, Asus has announced the new VivoWatch BP with support for blood pressure measurement.

Asus stressed upon some facts, highlighting that 1 in 5 adults worldwide suffer from hypertension. In fact, hypertension causes nearly 9.4milion death every year, the research report said. And an estimate of 1.5 billion users are expected to suffer from hypertension between by 2025, which is a rise of 60 percent. The VivoWatch BP is aimed at users who would want to keep their blood pressure in check, without having to use bulky medical equipment.

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The VivoWatch BP looks just like a usual watch, and it comes with a highly reflective display, along with ultra-low power MCU. And with a power-optimized software, Asus claims that the VivoWatch BP can offer a battery life of up to 28 days with normal usage.

The watch also uses Asus HealthAI to offer personalized health advice. It comes with an optical ECG sensor placed at the top, and a PPG sensor, at the bottom. The watch can collect different types of health and fitness data, such as blood pressure, heart rate, de-stress index, sleep quality and activity data.

There is also smart health management feature where you can share your fitness data with your family and the doctor as well, so they are aware of your health.

Design wise, it is not as appealing as the Apple Watch or the Samsung Gear, but Asus has built it to be functional. Swiping the screen from right to left shows different readings, such as number of steps walked, heart rate, sleep activity and settings. And to measure the blood pressure, you need to swipe from the left to right and place your hand on the ECG sensor that sits right beside the display, and in roughly 15 seconds it gives you the reading.

I am not sure about the accuracy of blood pressure reading that was taken at the time of the demo, but if it does offer good accuracy, the VivoWatch BP could be a good health and fitness tracking solution on the go.

Disclosure – The writer is in Taipei, Taiwan, attending Computex 2018 on Asus’ invite. Asus has sponsored the travel and lodging for the correspondent.

  • Published Date: June 5, 2018 9:59 AM IST
  • Updated Date: June 5, 2018 10:00 AM IST