Correct order of cheese in a burger? Google CEO Sundar Pichai to solve emoji puzzle

Should it be on top of patty or bottom?

  • Published: October 29, 2017 11:23 AM IST

Monday’s approaching, and the most important task on Google CEO Sundar Pichai‘s to-do list is to figure out the correct order of cheese slice in a burger. Should it be on top of the patty, or at the bottom? Pichai will address this extremely crucial aspect related to user preference.

Media analyst Thomas Baekdal pointed out a major difference between how Google and its rival Apple see burgers in the form of their emoji. Google’s burger emoji places the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top.

To this, Pichai responded saying he will address this issue on a priority basis on Monday.

Emojis have become the core of digital conversations, and time and again, OS providers update their sets to offer a more diverse set of emoji. Now it is hard to say if these folks are being playful on a weekend or there’s some serious revision happening when it comes to Google’s emoji pack. ALSO READ: YouTube now gets over 100 million hours of watch time in the living room everyday: Sundar Pichai

When Google launched Android O earlier this year, it finally redesigned its emoji to match up to the universal set. The Android emoji no longer look like blobs. They are more rounded, and standard in appearance. Android emojis for the longest time had been the most out of place when it came to cross-platform sharing. However, after 18 months, Google finally redesigned its Android emoji pack to match those of Apple and Microsoft. Pichai’s response also suggests the company could be looking at standardizing the emoji so that it appears the same across platforms. ALSO READ: Sundar Pichai is clear that AI is the future of Google, but warns against concerns

Talking about the ‘right’ way of placing the cheese slice in a burger, well, some like it on top of the patty, while some like it at the bottom. Others perhaps did not even notice before Pichai announced it as something important. Whether or not you paid attention to how your burger was arranged, Google should help us understand this tomorrow.

  • Published Date: October 29, 2017 11:23 AM IST