Cyanogen is dead; LineageOS aims to be ‘continuation of what CyanogenMod was’

LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was.

Lineage OS

Cyanogen, the company once aimed to build a better version of Android than Google, shot to fame with its CyanogenMod custom ROMs and Cyanogen OS that powered popular smartphones like the OnePlus One. After the instant fame, the company started to see a series of roadblocks, which ultimately forced the company to shut down its services. The announcement disappointed many enthusiasts, for whom Cyanogen was the most preferred tool to customize their phones. Well, Cyanogen has some good news. Some of the members of original CyanogenMod team have announced that they are building community-driven Android ROMs, under a new moniker, called LineageOS.

As of now, there aren’t a lot of details about the new operating system. But the groundwork for the new OS has already begun. Just recently a GitHub repository with CM files was spotted with a name, Lineage Android Distribution, which is now believed to be the foundation of the new open source project, and  that “LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was.”

The group also responded to possible speculations about why it did not continue with Cyanogen brand. “Given CM’s reliance on Cyngn for monetary support and the shared source base, it’s not hard to understand why the confusion remains…Embracing that spirit, we the community of developers, designers, device maintainers and translators have taken the steps necessary to produce a fork of the CM source code and pending patches. This is more than just a ‘rebrand’. This fork will return to the grassroots community effort that used to define CM while maintaining the professional quality and reliability you have come to expect more recently,” says a CyanogenMod press release.

The group has already made its presence felt with social media handles, @LineageAndroid and Lineage Android page along with an official website, which currently doesn’t explain about the new product very much. ALSO READ: Cyanogen OS alternatives for OnePlus One users; how to unlock bootloader, flash custom recovery and install custom ROM

The latest update comes a day after Cyanogen announced the shutting down of its services. The announcement was unsurprising considering the media reports of the company facing some serious turmoils in the last few months. Cyanogen had a near-perfect start with its partnership with the popular ‘flagship killer’ OnePlus, but the partnership lasted for just one device. Its exclusive handset partner YU later also ditched Cyanogen in favor of stock Android, which perhaps was the last nail in the coffin. In the last few months, Cyanogen has been in news mainly for its restructuring, which entailed a big layoff in the company. Also, it had to let go of its CEO and parting ways with another co-founder.

Now that Cyanogen is history, enthusiasts have now set sights on LineageOS, which is said to carry the spirit of CM. But will the LineageOS win over Cyanogen fans? Well, there’s a lot to find out from the new venture. Stay tuned.

  • Published Date: December 26, 2016 4:15 PM IST