Delaware teen saves family from fire while he was awake watching Netflix late at night

The teenager stayed awake watching Netflix even after his mother sent him to bed early.

  • Published: January 7, 2019 9:34 AM IST

Image credit: Netflix

Netflix is estimated to have released 345 original series and movies in 2018 with a budget of nearly $8 billion. All of the content produced by the company is estimated to be equal to around 90,000 minutes or 1,500 hours of viewing time. So, one way to watch all of these shows is to avoid any social life or become a night owl and watch them all night. However, an incident from Delaware in the United States suggests that this habit of watching at night could have its own perks. A 13-year-old boy is now being credited with saving his family from the fire since he stayed up late watching Netflix.

According to ABC7News, Damir Cater, a teenager was still awake when the fire broke out early Wednesday morning in their New Castle, Delaware home. Angela Marie Borden, mother of Damir is crediting her son for staying awake and alerting the family while the fire destroyed their home. Borden told the channel that she sent her son to bed on Tuesday night but he was awake till 1:30AM in the morning of Wednesday, when he smelled smoke and called his mother, who was asleep at that moment.

“And then I saw smoke in my hallway and then I saw the fire. When I saw that, I started yelling for my mom because she was asleep at the time,” Carter told ABC7News. “If Netflix wasn’t there, I probably would have went to sleep.” “If he was not awake, I don’t know the outcome, because as soon as I found out it was about four minutes and my kitchen was in flames,” Borden said.

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The belief that a power strip overheated, sparking a fire in their home. The family’s pets were also unable to make it out. The neighbors of Borden are doing what they can in order to collect donations for the family. At the time of the incident, Damir Carter’s father was reportedly at work. Borden told the TV channel later that she won’t be grounding her son for staying awake late at night this time around. The amount of content Netflix produces every year continues to grow and increasingly people are not finding enough time to watch them all. However, an incident like this could have gone unnoticed if Carter hadn’t been awake watching The Flash on Netflix.

  • Published Date: January 7, 2019 9:34 AM IST