This woman is dominating Instagram with her Trump-like persona

This woman is killing it on Instagram without a smartphone

  • Published: April 26, 2018 4:55 PM IST

Instagram is a weird place, one that can turn you into a celebrity in an imaginable way. A woman in Spain is experiencing such fame on Facebook-owned photo sharing platform for a reason very hard to believe. The 64-year-old Dolores Leis has turned an Instagram celebrity for her striking resemblance to US President Donald Trump.

The woman’s picture was posted to the photo-sharing platform by a journalist reporting on farming in northwestern Spain. Leis is dressed in farm clothing with a hoe over her shoulder and her picture has since led to thousand of responses. In fact, she has turned so famous that people have began pressing her for comment on US policy and international issues. Leis, however, seems more concerned about moth plague threatening her potato crops.

While Leis resembles Donald Trump in her appearance, she is different from the 45th President of the US in a lot of ways. She doesn’t use a mobile phone and has little interest in online chatter. “I say that it must be because of the color of the hair,” Leis told the La Voz de Galicia newspaper.

Leis has generated a lot of fans on Instagram and one of her fans replied to her picture, “Can we replace Trump with this hard working lady?”

These days, any story with relation to President Trump is like fire on the ice and this picture of Leis led many to call her “Trump’s Galician sister.” There were also some making online call to research the roots of Trump’s family and find if he has any connection in the Costa da Morte.

Leis is a native of Galicia and has been living in the same town since she married her husband four decades ago. According to Japan Times, Leis works at home and at her farm, where she found planting potatoes by a journalist. While she has turned famous on Instagram, the woman told the newspaper that is to easy to ignore all that buzz when you don’t have a smartphone.

One can only hope that Trump will soon comment about his woman through his favorite social media platform – Twitter.

  • Published Date: April 26, 2018 4:55 PM IST