Elon Musk’s Boring Company wants to build its own Hyperloop

Musk recently tweeted that his company has received a verbal approval from the government for its own Hyperloop project.


The Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI and Boring Company CEO Elon Musk has some really interesting plans. Back in 2013, Elon Musk introduced his vision for a futuristic mode of tube-based transportation. He did the research with his SpaceX team, demonstrated the idea’s viability and then offered it as a gift to the entrepreneurial community, saying that he didn’t have plans to execute that idea because he wanted to focus on Tesla and SpaceX. However, now it seems that Musk has changed his mind.

Last month, Elon Musk tweeted that he had received a “verbal [government] approval” to build a Hyperloop between New York City and Washington, DC. And now, Bloomberg reports that Musk won’t just be digging the tunnel for the Hyperloop, he also intends to build the entire ultrafast transit system himself.

Regardless of Musk offering the idea of Hyperloop as a gift years ago, he has always shown signs of interested in the Hyperloop project. He has been hosting several student engineering contests and continuing to hold the trademark on “Hyperloop” through his company SpaceX. The website for the upcoming third phase of the student contest used to display the line, “We are not developing a commercial Hyperloop ourselves.” That sentence was recently removed, Bloomberg reports. ALSO READ: Elon Musk’s Boring Company has an exciting first look

The announcement of Musk building the Hyperloop himself, naturally came as a shock to many startups, that were hoping his projects were limited to digging tunnels and perhaps choosing one of them to create the physical infrastructure, which is a tube-encased train that has a speed faster than an airplane. The startup company that appears to be furthest along with Musk’s original vision, Hyperloop One, just conducted its first high-speed test, with its prototype passenger pod reaching a top speed of 192 mph at its facility in the Nevada desert.

“While we’re encouraged that others making some progress, we would like to accelerate the development of this technology as fast as possible,” Musk’s Boring Company told Bloomberg in a statement. “We encourage and support all companies that wish to build Hyperloops and we don’t to stop them from using the Hyperloop name as long as they are truthful.” ALSO READ: Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets government nod to build Hyperloop between New York and DC

  • Published Date: August 5, 2017 1:56 PM IST