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Evidson Audiowear B2 Review: Loud Budget Headphones

Indian affordable headphone maker Evidson is back with its latest launch, the Rs 1,299 Audiowear B2. We find out just how it sounds in our review.

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Kerala-based affordable audio manufacturer Evidson is a company that is relatively new to the audio space, but people are taking notice. Its products are affordable and easy to get used to, appeal to a broad segment of customers that want aftermarket headphones but aren’t willing to spend too much.

I reviewed the Evidson Audiowear R5 only a couple of months ago, and the company is already back with its latest product, the Audiowear B2. Priced a bit higher than the R5 at Rs 1,299, the B2 can actually be bought online for about Rs 1,100. There are some improvements all around, and it seems that Evidson has made a conscious effort to improve its range of products around the Rs 1,000 mark. Here’s my review of the Evidson B2.

Evidson Audiowear B2 Design and Specifications

While the Audiowear R5’s design language focused around its compactness, the Audiowear B2 is a bit larger while still maintaining a small and lightweight profile. The casing is metallic, but there’s a bit more in terms of design here, with the use of two separate moulds. The Evidson logo is now printed at the top, while the back of each ear bud has the L and R indicators. It would have been nice if this had been printed on both sides, as this always led to a bit of confusion when I was putting the B2 on.evidson audiowear b2 main 2

The back of each ear bud has a small bass vent, and the cable is significantly improved as well. It’s now a thermoplastic elastomer cable, which offers better durability and some natural resistance to tangling. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t tangle or twist into itself, and issues with cable noise remain. If you plan to use these headphones in an active environment, the noise will quickly get annoying.

There’s no microphone on the Evidson Audiowear B2, which is a pity considering this is an important factor for buyers in this price range. The Y-splitter and 3.5mm plug are also well designed, making use of metal for sturdiness and better looks. On the whole, apart from the issues with cable noise and the lack of a microphone, this is a well-designed and good looking pair of headphones.evidson audiowear b2 no tip 2

Evidson Audiowear B2 Performance

I tested the Evidson Audiowear B2 with my OnePlus 3 and a Windows laptop, using a variety of high-resolution and compressed audio tracks, as well as dialogue-based videos and games. Focus tracks for the review were Big Wild’s Aftergold and Waiting by Oliver Heldens and Throttle.

Starting with Aftergold, the first thing I noticed is high sensitivity, resulting in a loud, strong sound. This results in being able to hear your music above typical ambient sound, making this an ideal pair of budget headphones for commuting or use in any noisy environment.  The high sensitivity is particularly pronounced in the low-end, producing punchy bass and a decent sense of attack. Sub-bass levels are particularly good, while the mid-range and highs are decent as well. On the whole, the sonic signature can be described as favoring typical listening preferences.evidson audiowear b2 logo

Moving onto the house track Waiting, the sound shows itself to be lacking in some departments. Apart from the aforementioned cable noise, the headphones showcase a sound that while not bad, isn’t particularly good either. I’ve heard cleaner sound at this price level, particularly from brands such as Cowon and Soundmagic, so the lack of serious definition and clarity can’t really be blamed on price either. The sound does tend to get tiresome over time, and the cable noise makes this slightly annoying to use when on the move.

The headphones are better suited to video and dialogue-based content, as this doesn’t heavily rely on definition. Watching TV shows on Netflix while commuting to and from work was significantly better than on similarly priced headphones purely because the high sensitivity ensured that the sounds of the train were effectively drowned out. Strong bass and relatively high responses from the mid-range make the Evidson Audiowear B2 a good pair of headphones to use if you often find yourself in noisy environments.evidson audiowear b2 set


There’s no shortage of options when it comes to budget headphones, and products that are priced around the Rs 1,000 mark usually follow a fair straightforward formula. The Evidson Audiowear B2 does have certain advantages over typical options in the price range, in the form of good build quality and very high sensitivity that makes for loud output.

Although sound quality isn’t anything noteworthy, the Audiowear B2 is a good pair of headphones to have for those times when you need to be able to listen to audio above the typical drone of commuter or office noise, and particularly comes into its element when you’re watching videos or movies. The Evidson Audiowear B2 is available now for Rs 1,299.

  • Published Date: March 25, 2017 10:00 AM IST