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Evidson Audiowear R5 Review

The Evidson Audiowear R5 is an affordable pair of earphones that is designed, engineered and made in India.

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Not a lot of people would have heard of Evidson, but this Indian audio manufacturer is worth getting to know. Based in Kerala, the company makes affordable audio products that are positioned to compete in the cutthroat affordable headphone market. Evidson currently has five models on sale on its website, and the latest product is the Audiowear R5. This compact pair of in-ear headphones is priced at Rs 999, and features a metallic build. Check out our review of the Evidson R5.

Evidson Audiowear R5 Design, Specifications and Comfort

Sticking to a compact design, the Evidson Audiowear R5 is small and fairly simple in its approach. The ear casings are entirely metal, and have an in-canal fit, allowing the headphones to sit securely inside your ears. The light weight ensures that they stay stable when in place as well. Three pairs of ear tips have been included in the box, and while none of them were the right size for me, they might be adequate for most people. However, adjusting the fit while audio is playing leads to some distortion, leading me to believe that build quality is not quite up to the mark, as the drivers seem to be moving a bit inside the casing.

The cable is a 1.2m flat one, which ensures a bit of resistance to tangling.There’s also an in-line remote and microphone which lets you use the device for hands-free calling, and the 3.5mm socket features a straight pin. The remote and microphone are fairly well built, and I was able to use the headset effectively during calls. The headphones also have a rated impedance of 16Ohms, along with a frequency response range of 30-20,000Hz and a sensitivity rating of 106dB.evidson audiowear r5 main 2

Evidson Audiowear R5 Performance

I tested the Evidson Audiowear R5 headphones using my OnePlus 3 and a Windows laptop as source devices. Focus tracks for the review were Shur-i-Kan’s Conundrum, Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind and Mountains from the Interstellar soundtrack.

Starting with the progressive chill house track Conundrum, what was immediately evident is the definite favor to the lows and highs. The bass sounds louder and stronger than any of the other elements in the frequency range, and there is also a spike in the top-end, creating a fairly distinct V-shape signature. The reduction in sensitivity in the mid-range is particularly evident when the vocals of the track kick in. While this might be alright for most people who like their headphones to favor bass, I personally found it a bit excessive.evidson audiowear r5 no tip

With Empire State of Mind, the mid-range reduction is particularly noticeable, especially when Alicia Keys’ vocals kick in and feel completely uninspiring. What does work for the headphones though is the clarity, which keeps the sound clean even at high volumes. Additionally, the high sensitivity rating ensures that the headphones are fairly loud and easily driven to play audio loudly, and distortion is kept at a bare minimum even at the highest volumes.

Moving on to Mountains, the sheer volume capability and strong bass allows for this track to resonate strongly. Although soundstaging and imaging aren’t particularly great, they’re certainly up to the mark for a pair of headphones that cost less than Rs 1,000. The ticking of the clock in the track feels distinct and real at points, managing to stay separate from the operatic low-end of the track.evidson audiowear r5 plug


The Evidson Audiowear R5 is far from the perfect pair of headphones at this price, with bass that I dare say is too strong, mids that are too weak and a build quality that isn’t very confidence-inspiring. While you do get audio that is extremely loud, a good cable, microphone and remote, and decent soundstaging, the R5 is a mixture of good and bad for the price.

However, I’ve yet to come across a truly good pair of in-ear headphones at this price, and everything available today triggers a similar mixed bag of emotions. Options such as the Sennheiser CX180 may offer slightly better frequency responses, but the plastic build and poor quality of the cable make it fall equally short on the whole. The Evidson Audiowear R5 is definitely worth checking out nonetheless, for its good soundstaging, loud volumes and comfortable design.

  • Published Date: January 2, 2017 10:30 AM IST