Facebook announces India specific update to its users for stories

Facebook Stories team has been talking to the community to understand how they use Facebook Stories to improve the features of the product.

  • Published: May 16, 2018 8:15 PM IST
Facebook introduces Stories on its main app 4

Facebook has introduced a number of updates to its Facebook stories feature in India. Connor Hays, the Director of Product Management for the Facebook Stories team add that the team has been talking to the community to understand how they use Facebook Stories. These conversations help the team understand what Facebook can do to make sure that the feature helps people in connecting and creating content “in meaningful ways”. After research, Facebook is now introducing three new features to help its users make better use of the stories feature which include saving photos and videos for later, posting voice posts through stories and archiving stories so that users can relive the memories at a later date.

Talking about the newly announced features, the first feature allows users to save the photos and videos that they shot using the Facebook camera. This is particularly helpful when one just wants to click the picture and does not want to share on Facebook. This is also helpful in the situation when one has shot as well as edited the images using the Facebook camera and the user does not want to share the image immediately on social media.

Saving Facebook Stories to your smartphone.

Sharing audio on Facebook stories.

You can choose where the camera would save the image, in the Facebook camera app itself or the internal storage of your smartphone. These saved images and videos will appear to you regardless of the platform if where you logged in to your Facebook account. This will ensure that you don’t have to be scared of the limited storage space of your smartphone while taking videos and photos. Hayes clarifies that users can only save the photos and videos taken from Facebook Camera and it is not a separate storage product. This feature is limited to Facebook for Android at the time of launch with no details on when it will roll out on Facebook for iOS or Facebook Lite.

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The second feature expands the formats that Facebook Stories supports to include plain audio files giving users a greater flexibility to express themselves. Hayes added that people were using workarounds such as covering the camera of their smartphone to just share the audio. This feature removes the need for adding any photo or video if the user just wants to share audio. Users can post audio stories up to 20 seconds long at a time and the feature is designed to work in weak data connectivity conditions. Sharing audio in Facebook stories in only limited to Facebook Lite users at launch and the company will launch the feature for Android in coming months. There is no information on when this will arrive for iOS users.

Last but not the least, story archive gives users a chance to revisit the videos, photos or audio files that they shared previously. This will work similar to story archives on Instagram where users get the option to add their stories to an archive once the story expires. However, you can’t share collections or multi-story posts in your news feed at this time. Users can reshare the stories that they have archived at a later time and they need to turn the auto-archive to actually archive the stores.

  • Published Date: May 16, 2018 8:15 PM IST