Facebook blocks man's account for 'Kamal Ka Phool Humari Bhool' status message

Is Facebook curbing free speech in India?

  • Published: September 28, 2017 5:00 PM IST

Facebook has reportedly banned a user named Mohammed Anas for posting a status that had words saying ‘Kamal Ka Phool, Humari Bhool’. Alongside the status, the user had also posted an image of a receipt stating those similar words. The user’s account has been suspended for 30 days.

The user shared the photo of a shopping receipt with those words printed at the bottom. In order to bring it to the notice of other people on the social media platform, he shared a status along with it. For the uninitiated, the receipt issued by the shop apparently criticizes the BJP government saying it was a mistake to vote for them during Lok Sabha elections 2014.

The status posted by the user otherwise didn’t contain any abusive words or threats. It read as follows – “Kamal ka phool hamari bhool. Vayapari apne cash memo par print karva kar janta se bata rahe hain ki bhaajpa (BJP) ko vote dekar galti ho gayi”. ALSO READ: ‘Snoop proof’ Taiga smartphone launched by Kaspersky co-founder

The 30 days account suspension implied by Facebook has made other community members infuriated. Users took to Twitter also to express their opinion. Here’s what some of they have to say.

As the post is removed, it is no longer available on Facebook, but its screen grabs are spread all around now. As Facebook says, the user has been blocked for sharing something that doesn’t follow its community standards. The irony here is that while Facebook is an open platform to express yourself, the man got blocked even when he didn’t express any opinions of himself. ALSO READ: Facebook to launch new tool to help you find blood donors easily

The action has everybody talking and asking if Facebook is trying to curb free speech and pressure those who criticize the ruling government of democratic India. Lately, Facebook has been highly influential in geopolitical situations across the globe. This year, it has faced a backlash in the US during presidential elections and is allegedly accused of controlling anti-Donald Trump news. The platform is currently meddling with state tensions between the US and Russia.

  • Published Date: September 28, 2017 5:00 PM IST