Facebook is rolling out new features where customers can report bad shopping experiences

Users can find this feedback tool in their “Ads Activity” tab in their Facebook profile settings where they will find the recent ads that they have clicked on.

  • Published: June 12, 2018 10:05 PM IST
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Image: Facebook

Facebook has just announced a new feature which allows its users to report bad shopping experiences on the platform. To elaborate more on this feature, the company pointed out that it is working on improving the shopping experience that Facebook users get on the platform. Since the majority of the e-commerce experience on the platform works on the basis of advertisements, the company wants to ensure that the sellers or shopping stores are providing good experiences to their customers.

According to a detailed post on its website, Facebook added that it will allow its users to file a complaint against businesses or shopping stores run by sellers if users have made a purchase after clicking on an advertisement on Facebook. If the system detects that a user has made a purchase after clicking an advertisement on Facebook, it will ask the user to rate the business or shopping store on the basis of the quality of the product, customer service and the shipping time. It will notify the concerned business or shopping store about the negative feedback if a considerable number of users complain.

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The company will then wait for an improvement on the part of the business or the company but if more users continue to complain about lack of any improvements, Facebook will then limit how many ads the business of shopping store can run. Complaints beyond this point will prompt Facebook to block the business from running ads on the platform.

Users can find this feedback tool in their “Ads Activity” tab in their profile where they will find the recent ads that they have clicked on. On this screen, the users can click on “Leave Feedback” for each ad individually and this new feature is rolling out across the globe starting today. The primary reason for this move is to reduce instances where the user can feel frustrated from the experience and Facebook as a whole because of inaccurate shipping times and misrepresentation of the products.

However, a number of users only use the feedback feature when they face any issue with their shopping experience, so the company needs to be careful with how it implements this new system.

  • Published Date: June 12, 2018 10:05 PM IST