Facebook provides privacy tips for teens with ‘Youth Portal’

This is Facebook's effort to ensure that the teens on its platform are aware of all the situations that they might face.

  • Published: May 16, 2018 11:40 AM IST
Facebook Youth

Facebook and other social media platforms can and has been one of the most significant places where children face toxic behavior. And according to studies it has a lasting effect on the mental health of the children being subjected to it. And now, Facebook has decided to address this issue by launching a Youth Portal which will provide a “guide to all things” teens need “to have a great experience on Facebook.”

“Consider this your guide to all things Facebook: general tips, insider tricks, privacy and safety information, and everything else you need to have a great experience on Facebook. It’s also a space for you to hear from people your age, in their own voices, about the issues that matter to them online.” Says the introduction on the page.

Facebook advises teens in its “Guiding Principles”, to think for a little while before posting publicly. Liz Perle, who is described as consultant: youth and emerging trends, advocate for young creators, activists, and artists. Set out a number of things to think about for the teens before they post on the social media platform. “There will always be people at your school who are social media oversharers (and adults in your life who are, too). Resist the urge, ignore their noise and save the juicy details for your close friends only,” she said.

Facebook also explains in the post that they use people’s data to to improve its services and optimize the ads shown. This could be a part of the effort from Facebook to sensitize the young users about the policies from as early as possible. Facebook explained that it shares data with researchers, vendors, advertisers, and the law enforcement in case they ask for it. But they make things clear by saying, “We don’t sell your content or data,” that section reads, as if in defense of its data privacy issues. “We never have, and we never will. You will still own your photos and videos.”

Facebook mentioned that it has talked to teens from UK, US, Italy and Brazil while building the portal and will be making things more relevant by talking to more in the future. The Youth Portal is now available in 60 languages.

  • Published Date: May 16, 2018 11:40 AM IST