Facebook Reactions for Messenger has a ‘Dislike’ option

Facebook says that the Dislike option is actually meant to be interpreted as a “no”.


Facebook is currently known to be testing a new feature for Messenger. This feature already exists on Facebook News Feed and it’s the Reaction tab. Launched last year in February, Facebook Reactions allows users to react to posts on their newsfeed by choosing among six options. These include the usual like icon, love, laughter, shock, sadness, and anger. One can hover around these options and choose the one liked most. Seen by a few users, Facebook Messenger is now equipped with the Reactions tab. While this may not come as big news, the highlight here is that the Reactions tab for Facebook Messenger has a dislike button.

As reported by TechCrunch, the Reactions tab is available for every message shared on personal chats and group chats as well. When hovering over a message, and clicking on the emoji icon, the Reactions tab will pop up giving users the option to select from the list. The expressions included in the Reactions tab are love, laughter, shock or surprise, sadness, anger, like and the highly demanded dislike. In a group chat, every member in the thread will get to see the Reaction given to the messages. One can also tap to see the full list of users and the Reactions chosen.

Facebook Messnger Reactions Dislike button

TechCrunch reached out to Facebook about this new feature, to which the company replied, “We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message.” Since this is still in the testing stage, we cannot confirm if Facebook will eventually roll it out to all its users.

Facebook further says that it sees the dislike option more as a “no” button. The social media giant considers that people use often use Messenger for planning events, and its test for Reaction is to see if it would help for quick logistics and voting. So their integration of the thumbs down icon is actually for a Yes/No option along with the thumbs up. While Facebook may be unconsciously naïve here, people would naturally look at it as a Dislike button considering it being the most sought after feature.

This however is no indication that Facebook would indeed roll out a Dislike button for the news feed as it feels that too much negativity would be brought in. Facebook instead included the Reactions feature to compensate for not introducing the highly demanded Dislike button. It is therefore unlikely that we would see a Dislike button for Facebook in the near future.

If Facebook does roll out the Reactions feature for Messenger, then it would join the likes of iMessage and Slack. iMessage has something similar called Tapback where one can choose emojis to express different emotions. Slack’s emoji Reactions allows users to do the same as well, but it gives access to the full emoji tab available and not just limited expressions. ALSO READ: Facebook records 300 biliion ‘Reactions’ on posts in one year

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  • Published Date: March 5, 2017 3:31 PM IST