Facebook to launch its video platform 'Watch' in India: Report

Facebook Watch was launched earlier this year in August, in the US.

  • Published: November 20, 2017 8:00 PM IST
Facebook launches video platform Watch

Earlier this August, Facebook had launched its exclusive platform for videos called ‘Watch’. Facebook Watch is however currently available only in the US. The platform is available on mobile web, desktop, and the smartphone app as well. It is now reported that Facebook will launch Watch in India as early as the start of 2018. The timeline for the launch is said to fall between January and March.

According to a report by The Ken (via TNW), Facebook with Watch will compete against the video giant YouTube but will offer better discoverability. When it comes to YouTube, getting your content visible and discovered relies heavily on the algorithm based on “recommendations”. This may depend on the high count of views and likes or videos related to the kind of content a user frequently watches. You essentially build your own video feed on YouTube. Facebook expects that it’ll be different with Watch and the platform will be better in terms of showcasing content.

In addition to this, Facebook is also said to include regional content for videos and shows on Watch. Tapping on the regional content card will definitely earn Facebook a wider reach although the country has a majority of the English-speaking audience. Watch doesn’t function as a separate service and is available on Facebook. There are two sections on Watch called ‘Discover’ and ‘Watchlist’. In Discover, videos are categorized under sections called ‘News this week’, ‘What friends are watching’ and ‘Coming Soon’. Whereas, Watchlist will be a personalized feed where one will find their saved videos and episodes of shows followed. ALSO READ: Facebook starts testing tags for related posts, pages

The videos that will be showcased on Watch will actually be “Shows” in a form of series with episodes. These aren’t TV shows that are available. Facebook will also consider certain factors for what kind of content will be available on Watch. Facebook explains these factors by some of the shows like Nas Daily which is a show that engages fans and community, as he makes videos with people across the globe. More examples include live shows like Gabby Gernstein’s where she engages with her fans in real time. Facebook also includes shows which have a consistent theme like Tastemade’s Kitchen Little. By consistent theme, Facebook means, “Each episode features a new child, new chef, and a new recipe.” ALSO READ: Facebook starts testing Marketplace in India, starting with Mumbai

Facebook will also include sports videos like the Major League Baseball, which broadcasts a live game each week for fans to watch and connect at the same time. Like Facebook’s Newsfeed, Watch will also have a personalized feed for shows that are trending among friends, or have a high number of reactions. There’s an open platform for video creators as well. Interested creators and publishers can make shows ranging from reality, comedy, and live for Watch. ALSO READ: Facebook Messenger’s Discover feature for bots now available in India

  • Published Date: November 20, 2017 8:00 PM IST