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Facebook will now show 'Related Articles' to fake news links

The Related Articles will show stories with other angles and approved by fact checkers.


After conditioning its machine learning algorithms, Facebook is looking at conditioning its users so as to help them identify fake news and stop its spread on the platform. The company is rolling out ‘Related Articles,’ a feature which will show additional links to news stories which are deemed inaccurate.

These ‘Related Articles’ links will appear before someone reads the possibly fake news article from a user’s post and will lead to additional reporting on the same topic from verified sources, publications providing a different opinion on the subject, along with those which have undergone the lens of fact checkers.

The feature is currently rolling out in the US, Germany, France, and Nederlands starting today. Facebook has fact-checking partnerships in these countries and hence, they will get the roll out first. Facebook News Feed integrity product manager Tessa Lyons told TechCrunch, “Seeing Fact Checker’s articles in Related Articles actually helps people identify whether what they’re reading is misleading or false.” ALSO READ: Facebook to hire more humans to cap human-related woes; is artificial intelligence failing to understand us?

It is worth mentioning that the pre-click Related Articles features dates back to 2014, however, it has not been able to sift out false news. In April, Facebook tested a new version of as part of its attack on fake news following the controversial US presidential elections. The company partnered with Snopes, AP, and PolitiFact after receiving global flak for fake news spreading on the site.

The latest update comes after Facebook announced significant changes to how publishers post content on the platform. Publishers can no longer edit the headline or description of the link they share on the platform. Until now, Facebook allowed publishers to tweak these elements, including media, for a better reach. However, it was observed that some misused this feature for click-bait content and redirect users to some fake news stories as well.

Facebook has not restricted all publishers from changing elements of a news link. Trusted publishers can claim the link ownership and continue editing preview links from the Page Publishing tools. If any trusted publisher misuses the ability, Facebook will roll back the feature and restrict the privileges. RELATED: Facebook to fight fake news by restricting changes to link previews

  • Published Date: August 3, 2017 5:44 PM IST