Fake Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome dupes nearly 40,000 users

Google has since taken down the fraudulent Chrome extension.

  • Published: October 10, 2017 3:36 PM IST

If you recently installed the Adblock Plus extension on your Google Chrome browser, beware. It is being reported that a fraudulent extension with the same name managed to bypass Google’s filters, and was listed on the Chrome web store.

Apparently, a fake Adblock Plus extension managed to bypass Google’s security and was listed on the Chrome web store. At first glance, the name looks the same except the capitalized ‘B’ on the fake extension. Besides the name, the listing itself looked so real that it managed to dupe around 37,000 users. The fake extension was discovered and reported by SwiftOnSecurity (via The Verge), which claims that it was created by a “fraudulent developer who clones popular name and spams keywords”.

Google has been mum about this issue. It is currently unclear how the fake extension affected users who downloaded it or how it managed to bypass various security filters on the Chrome web store. For now, Google has acted by taking down the listing. ALSO READ: 8 Google Chrome extensions that will improve your internet browsing experience

This isn’t the first time Google or for that matter Adblock Plus is facing such issues. Nearly two years back, a fake Adblock extension was listed on the app store and it managed to garner a quarter of a million downloads. Earlier this year, a fake Google Docs app got listed on the app store and troubled users with phishing attacks. Google had then promised to have stricter norms in place to avoid a repeat. But as it turns out, these measures don’t seem to be strict enough.

  • Published Date: October 10, 2017 3:36 PM IST