Fake Fortnite Android apps are spreading on the internet through YouTube Videos

Gamers are being tricked into downloading fake apps

  • Published: June 29, 2018 2:55 PM IST
Fortnite Mobile

Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite is the most popular online multiplayer game in the world. It is currently available on all platforms except for Android, and it looks like cybercriminals are taking advantage of that. According to a recent report from McAfee, cybercriminals are spreading fake malicious Android versions of the app on the internet, especially through YouTube videos.

McAfee reports that when someone searches for “Download Fortnite for Android” or “How to install Fortnite on Android,” on Google, they are bound to come across some of these videos. That’s mostly because some of these videos even have millions of views. These videos claim that they can show users how to get the game on Android and in the process directs them to download the fake app.

These apps look like the real deal. They even carry the same loading page and the soundtrack as the original Fortnite app on iOS. However, once the app asks users for mobile verification, it redirects them to a site, where it urges them to download another app, and then click on a link that comes with the “unlock instructions” within that app. Once users hit “tap to install,” they’re only guided back to Google Play. Users can keep installing app again and again, but will never actually get to the actual Fortnite game. However, doing this allows cybercriminals to make money off the increased number of app downloads.

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To not fall into this trap, McAfee has listed down a few suggestions. It’s important to research a game and find out if it has been released on different platforms. If not sure, then the best place to get this information is the game’s website. It is also important to download games from the right source. This will also be provided on the developer’s home page. In the case of the Fortnite, users are advised to just wait for an official announcement from Epic Games.

  • Published Date: June 29, 2018 2:55 PM IST