Fitbit rival Jawbone faces liquidation amidst financial turmoil

Customer have also received an email from the company saying it hasn’t “forgotten” them.


Looks like we have a new casualty in the wearable market. A report suggests that Fitbit rival Jawbone is facing liquidation. The company, known for making fitness trackers and Bluetooth speakers, had begun liquidation proceedings after years of financial loss and pressure.

According to The Information, and confirmed by the BBC, the company has already started the liquidation process. The report further states that the company has not been so responsive towards its customers for quite sometime now. Some customers even told BBC that Jawbone had stopped acknowledging their emails complaints in their devices. However now, the company has started responding to customers via email saying it has been “transitioning to a simpler care experience.”

BBC quotes a Jawbone user Lisa Cope who received an email from the company’s customer support service. The email read, “We sincerely apologise for the lack of communication – while you haven’t heard from us for a while, please know we haven’t forgotten about you.” “Over the past few months we’ve been transitioning to a simpler care experience. Those changes took longer than expected, but we’re excited to share they’re now complete and we are now ready to address your request.” According to the report, the company is contacting customers who had been in touch between October 2016 and July 2017. ALSO READ: 5 things to keep in mind when buying a fitness tracker

Here, it is worth noting that Jawbone, despite raising more than $900 million from investors and receiving backing from big names in the tech industry, has been facing liquidation. Notably, Jawbone’s co-founder and CEO Hosain Rahman has also founded a new company, which will make health-related hardware and software services. The name of the company is Jawbone Health Hub, and the venture is also said to continue making existing Jawbone devices. It is also reported that many Jawbone employees had been moved to the new company, and the company has been posting job openings for new recruits. Earlier this year, TechCrunch reported that Jawbone intended to leave the consumer market and focus on healthcare providers. ALSO READ: Honor Band 3 fitness tracker announced in India; will be Amazon exclusive

In India, Jawbone last announced the launch of three activity trackers — Up Move, Up2 and Up3. The Up Move is priced at Rs 4,999, the Up2 at Rs 9,999, and the Up 3 at Rs 14,999.

  • Published Date: July 8, 2017 12:06 PM IST
  • Updated Date: July 8, 2017 1:06 PM IST