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From Flipkart to Zomato; tech companies dominate LinkedIn's 'Top Attractors' list in India

As per LinkedIn, the best companies to work in India are in the tech sector.


Flipkart is not only the top e-commerce site in India, and a buzz word on the internet, but turns out it is also the most preferred destination of work for Indians. LinkedIn has released a ‘Top Attractors’ list for the country, which essentially reveals the top-25 companies that are good at attracting and keeping the top talents from across the country. Interestingly, the list is dominated by technology majors and startups, which includes the likes of TCS, Google, Zomato, Flipkart and OYO among others.

Flipkart is followed closely by rival Amazon, and list also includes some tech majors like Google, Capgemini, Adobe, HCL Technologies, Microsoft, Tata Communications, Wipro, Accenture, Cognizant, and Cisco. With the startup space booming in India, it is little wonder that a majority of them make the list too. You can find the likes of, Ola, Snapdeal, OYO, and Zomato.

LinkedIn has not only revealed the list of companies, but also the reasons why applicants are clamoring to get a job there. Flipkart, for example, is touted as the ‘startup poster boy’ and aspects like personal benefits (six months maternity leave), perks, competitive environment and encouragement to take risks are what tempts people. If Amazon’s aim to become ‘everything’ isn’t tempting enough for job seekers, recently it has drastically increased its focus on the Indian operations. CEO Jeff Bezos is planning on investing another $3 billion in Amazon India, and LinkedIn has revealed that applications are up 25 percent since last year.

A company like Google isn’t only basking on its brand power, but also tends to pampers its employees with food, on-site massages and also invites A-list speakers for timely inspiration. Ola is giving Uber a run for its money, and is known for trying out new things like Ola Café, Ola Store, and Ola E-rickshaws among others.

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LinkedIn explains how it has compiled the list of top attractors. They may not be the top companies in their respective fields, but are basically places where applicants are eager to land a job. To come up with the list, LinkedIn took into account the number of job applications to a particular place, how many people viewed and engaged the company’s page, and finally the average duration an employee has stuck around after landing a job.

LinkedIn’s list of best companies in India follows.


1. Flipkart 14. Wipro
2. Amazon 15. Mercedes-Benz R&D
3. Capgemini 16. OYO
4. Google 17. Accenture
5. KPMG 18. Bajaj Finserv
6. Deloitte 19. Honeywell
7. Adobe 20. Cognizant
8. HCL Technologies 21. ZS Associates
9. 22.
10. Ola 23. Reliance
11. Snapdeal 24. Cisco
12. Microsoft 25. Zomato
13. Tata Communications
  • Published Date: June 21, 2016 5:26 PM IST
  • Updated Date: June 21, 2016 5:35 PM IST