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From machine learning to Python language skills: 6 tech skill sets that fetch maximum salary

Learn a new skill set or be replaced by automation, what’s your pick?


Technology is gradually taking over workplaces and that is one of the reasons why ‘human workers’ are becoming redundant. As a result of which, time and again we see reports about companies laying off employees. While imagining the repercussions of having automation in other industries is palpable, what does it mean for the technology industry? Adoption of newer technologies is believed to be one of the key reasons for the job cuts and if tech workers are not trained in advanced skills, the future for human workforce appears all the bleaker.

India would lose about 69,000 jobs until 2021 due to the adoption of IoT technology, according to a research conducted by a consulting firm. But are there any well-paying tech jobs remaining for the humans? In their Analytics India Industry Report 2017 – Salaries & Trends report, Jigsaw Academy and Analytics Vidhya chalk out some of the key skill sets and areas in India where the salaries are abundant in the technology field. Here’s a peek into it.

Machine learning + Big Data

The highest paying tech job in the market currently is where professionals boast a combination of machine learning and big data analytics skills. It is known that companies, across sectors, always prefer talent which is multi-skilled. With both machine learning and data analytics skill set, one can easily fetch an average pay of Rs 13.94 lakh per annum (LPA). ALSO READ: Google believes the key to the next one billion Indians online is translation

Machine learning algorithms

Although knowledge of machine learning algorithms do add to the highest package, the skill set alone can fetch a handsome Rs 10.43 LPA on average. It is worth noting that the next big bet by technology companies is nothing but machine learning. Top tier companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple are all placing heavy bets on machine learning and require professionals who could take the vision of an automated world ahead.

Big Data

Crunching huge amount of data for industry or public consumption is no easy task. Big Data analyst is considered as the hottest new job with a handsome salary to take home. According to reports, India is expected to witness a shortage of about 200,000 trained data analysts. If you hone your skill set and seek employment as a Big Data scientist, you could make close to Rs 9.93 LPA on average. Add to it your experience and a bit of machine learning, and you could easily reach the top spot with the most paid job.

R skills

For the longest time, R programming skills is considered to attract the highest salaries. If the latest Analytics India Industry Report 2017 – Salaries & Trends report is anything to go by, one could make an average of Rs 10.40 LPA with exceptional R language skills. To put into context, back in 2014 the highest paid IT skill was R programming, and looks like the trend is to continue. ALSO READ: Facebook creates neural network to make translation 9 times faster, more accurate


One of the most popular programming languages, professionals with Python skill set can make around Rs 10.12 LPA on average. The skill is also considered one of the most lucrative programming skills which one can learn online. If you want to learn the language and have an edge over other professionals, you could opt to do so by choosing from a range of courses available online for free.

SAS + R + Python

According to the report, what has also accelerated the change in the industry is the wide adoption and use of open source tools. Other than the top tools R and Python, a combined skill set of SAS, R, and Python can get a professional into analytics with a lucrative reward of Rs 12.91 LPA on average.

In addition to the tool and languages, the report also includes more salary insights based on city and company size. If you are skilled in machine learning algorithms then the best cities to work in include Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. For Big Data analysts, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata are the top places to get maximum rewards. ALSO READ: California university builds incredible robot that learns things through trial and error

Meanwhile, Mumbai pays the highest to Analytics and Big Data professionals, followed by Bengaluru and Delhi NCR. The city of Mumbai also has a reputation for paying entry-level analytics professionals well, while Delhi NCR tops Bengaluru when it comes to paying freshers with analysts. Professionals in Delhi NCR are paid 4.5 percent better than their Bengaluru counterparts.

  • Published Date: May 23, 2017 3:04 PM IST
  • Updated Date: May 24, 2017 11:06 AM IST