Future Apple iPhones may support clip-on accessory lenses, patent hints

Apple's new technology might be how the company wants its future iPhones to be marketed.

  • Published: July 25, 2018 12:47 PM IST
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Apple may be looking to go down a different path when it comes to smartphone innovations in the future. According to a patent awarded to Apple, the company has come up with a method to allow accessory lens to be used over the iPhone camera sensor. The patent further mentions a method to adjust the lens accessory in case it has not been mounted in the correct manner.

The new patent is named “Adapting camera systems to accessory lenses” that will make the iPhone adjust the accessory that has been placed over the camera sensor. After the iPhone senses that an accessory has been placed over the lens, it will use a pre saved image data to determine if it has been placed correctly. After it determines that the external lens has not been placed correctly on the iPhone, it will analyze the present position to determine a correction.

Once the iPhone has determined the corrections and adjustments that are needed, the sensor is moved from either side to side or up and down or tilting the sensor or moving the lens closer of further from the accessory lens to do the necessary correction.

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The patent for this present technology was filed by Apple back in the August 2016. The new patents are numbered US10,031,312. If Apple does decide to go with this technology, it might go about launching its own external camera lens accessory to go with the phones which would be made available separately from the phones.

  • Published Date: July 25, 2018 12:47 PM IST