Future Apple Watch may be be able to measure your blood pressure

The news of this patent comes days after Apple opened up its “Health Records” API to developers.

  • Published: June 8, 2018 10:49 AM IST
Apple Blood Pressure measuring strap, Apple Watch

Image: United States Patent and Trademark Office

Apple has just been granted a new patent for what appears to be a blood pressure measuring device that users will have to wear on their wrist. The wristband will be able to connect with other Apple devices to sync the readings. Spotted by Apple Insider, the patent reads, “The system includes an expandable member or structure that has a multi-compartment structure and/or is mounted on a rigid surface or structure.” It goes on to add, “The system is incorporated into a portable multi-function device, or is configured to communicate with a portable multi-function device.”

It is likely that the part where the patent states that this system will be “incorporated” in “a portable multi-function device” or to communicate with such device is implying to integration inside the Apple Watch or communication with the Apple Watch. According to the report, the title of the patent was “Cuff Designs and Methods”, and the company first applied for the patent back in June 2016. This patent gives us some hint at what Apple is planning for Apple Watch in the near future.

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The company may be working on turning Apple Watch into a comprehensive medical device. The news of this patent comes days after the company opened up its “Health Records” API allowing its developers to create apps that allow users to manage their medications, keep a track of diseases, nutrition that is required to fight those diseases and more in the future.

This comes right after Apple announced a number of new features for the Apple Watch with watchOS 5 at WWDC 2018. Users will be able to challenge their friends to fitness competitions and get digital awards. Apple is bringing support for WebKit so users can browse some websites powered by the tech on their smartwatch. watchOS 5 will also come with interactive notifications, and support for the podcast app. A new Walkie-Talkie feature is also coming as an Apple Watch app.

  • Published Date: June 8, 2018 10:49 AM IST