Galaxy Duos smartphone bursts in Indonesia, but here’s why Samsung isn’t to blame

The Galaxy Duos was inside a man’s shirt pocket when it suddenly exploded.

  • Published: October 7, 2017 12:17 PM IST
Samsung Galaxy Duos explosion

Ever since Samsung had a blowout with the Galaxy Note 7, reports of other smartphones heating up and bursting have been flooding in. The latest incident comes from Indonesia where a Samsung smartphone exploded in a 47-year-old man’s shirt pocket. The smartphone is one of Samsung’s older Galaxy Duos, which was launched way back in 2013.

The incident took place inside Hotel Ciputra Semarang and the victim, Yulianto, works there as a concierge supervisor. The CCTV footage shared by Channel News Asia recorded the entire incident on tape. Yulianto had his Galaxy Duos inside his shirt pocket and just as he was reaching for it, the device exploded. From the video, you can see the smartphone exploding with his shirt pocket covered in blue flames. Someone comes to rescue immediately, and he removes his shirt avoiding any major injuries.

It is reported that he suffered minor burns, and was taken to the hospital soon after. Prior to the explosion Yulianto felt that something heating up and starting to shake in his shirt pocket, Daily Mail reports. After the incident took place Samsung began its investigation. ALSO READ: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions were caused by two set of faulty batteries

In a statement to CNET, Samsung clarified saying, “From a thorough investigation, we have found that the battery used in the device was not manufactured by Samsung or a company authorized by Samsung. We sincerely wish for our customer’s swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung’s genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products.”

Smartphone batteries are often replaced with new ones once they get spoiled. However, using batteries that aren’t authorized from the respective companies can often lead to risks as extensive as explosion. Although Samsung isn’t at fault here, with the company’s hard past it has become a norm among consumers to point fingers. Something similar took place recently in the US where refurbished Galaxy Note 4 units were recalled due to batteries overheating. However, these Galaxy Note 4 units were a part of AT&T’s insurance program, and distributed by FedEx Supply Chain. The refurbished units were found to have been shipped with faulty batteries. RELATED: Galaxy Note 4 units recalled due to overheating batteries, but it isn’t Samsung’s fault

  • Published Date: October 7, 2017 12:17 PM IST