Gmail for Android now lets you snooze emails

The feature will let you temporarily ignore emails, which will pop back up after a pre-set time frame.

  • Published: April 26, 2018 11:02 AM IST
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Google seems to be on a mission to revamp Gmail – its popular email service – on all fronts. After announcing and rolling out key new features for the web version of Gmail, Google is now looking to add some new features to its mobile versions as well. Android Police reports that the Gmail app for Android is receiving the ability to snooze emails.

This feature will allow users to temporarily ignore and email, which will work just like it does with Google Inbox. Users will be able to choose a custom time and date when they want the email notification to come up again and have that mail appear at the top of the inbox, or choose rough time frames such as ‘later today’, ‘tomorrow’ or ‘this weekend’. There’s even an option to snooze to ‘some day’, which appears to be as random as it sounds. We tested it on one of our smartphones and it indeed appears to be active.

Another point to note about the feature is that it doesn’t seem to be attached to an app update. The smartphone we tested the feature on hasn’t received a recent update through the Google Play Store, so the snooze function appears to be rolled out on the server-end by Google. The roll-out is entirely random so there’s no way to tell who has received the feature. Additionally, it only seems to be working with an ‘’ account, and not with a corporate ID that also uses the Gmail app and service.

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Gmail recently rolled out a slew of new features and a complete redesign for the web version, which now allows users to view attachments directly in the inbox without opening the email, better linkage with Google Calendar, Keep and Tasks, and the ability to send confidential emails that disable forwarding, printing and copying, as well as have a self-destruct time after which the mail won’t be visible. The improvements are aimed at taking on Microsoft Outlook head-on, and winning over more users for Google’s email services.

  • Published Date: April 26, 2018 11:02 AM IST