Gmail takes cue from Twitter, now lets users ‘@’ mention people

Gmail has added a bunch of new features that make the life of users much easy.

  • Published: May 23, 2018 10:54 AM IST
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Gmail recently got a much overdue makeover along with some interesting new features like the Smart Compose and a snooze button for incoming messages. This has been Google’s drive to make the already popular Gmail a little bit more attractive for the users. And to this effect the email service now has another new feature which is reminiscent of a feature on Twitter.

Gmail will now let users mention people with an ‘@’ symbol for quickly locating their ID and adding it to the body of the mail. For example, @(the person’s name) will bring up all the relevant id’s with that particular name on the list of the person sending the mail. Selecting the desired name will add that particular person’s ID to the mailto list. This will work while composing a new mail as well as replying to a mail. On the part of the recipient of the mail, they can click on the link to have a new compose window open with the the address to that particular contact.

This will clearly be useful for people using Gmail as part of their work and if they are required to refer to another person as an introduction in a mail.

Besides the ‘@’ feature, if you want to add someone to the mailing list, you can now use ‘+’ followed by the name to add them. These are part of some of the neat features that have been added by Google to makes the lives of users easier. Like when users mention in the mail that they have attached something and forget, Gmail reminds them to add it before they send the mail. These features are now live and can be turned on in Gmail settings (Gear icon).

  • Published Date: May 23, 2018 10:54 AM IST