Gmail on the web gets a big redesign as Google looks to take on Microsoft Outlook

A lot of new features and security tweaks have been added to make Gmail on the web better and more functional.

  • Published: April 25, 2018 3:49 PM IST
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Google has unveiled a massive redesign and overhaul for Gmail, considered to be one of the company’s flagship products. The world’s most popular email service see its first major redesign in years. The new web version of Gmail has been designed to look a lot more like the mobile app versions, as Google looks to adopt a consistent design language across platforms. The improvements are designed at making Gmail more user-friendly, as Google looks to take a larger chunk of the email segment away from Microsoft’s Outlook.

Some of the key improvements in the new-look Gmail are the ability to view images as attachments without opening or scrolling through conversations, snoozing emails, and better integration with other Google apps and services such as Calendar, Tasks and Keep. you’ll also get reminders for emails you haven’t responded to in a while, based on the system’s learning of your usage. Smart reply, which has been available on the mobile versions of Gmail for some time now, also gets added to the new web version.

Additionally, a new ‘confidential mode’ will disable the ability to forward, copy, download or print messages, as well as set an optional expiry date on the email after a set amount of time, post which it will no longer be visible in the receivers mailbox. This is in line with the earlier leaks of what to expect from Gmail’s new confidential mode, but it’s still unsure about exactly how well this will work.

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How to start using the new Gmail

The new look goes live today, while some other features will appear in the coming weeks. The process to start using the new look is simple, according to Google. You simply click the cogwheel for settings in the top-right corner and select ‘Try the new Gmail’. However, the option wasn’t available for us just yet, so the roll out seems to be slower than expected. The update has reportedly been two years in the making, and is targeted at offering users better offline readability of received emails, as well as increasing overall email security.

  • Published Date: April 25, 2018 3:49 PM IST