Google app to get 'edit screenshot' feature, here's how it will work

The new tool will make it easier for users to edit a screenshot before sharing.

  • Published: February 19, 2018 1:19 PM IST

Google has decided to borrow a new feature from Apple iOS. This new feature will make it convenient for you edit screenshots you take in the main Google app on your Android device and share them. It is currently available in beta version 7.21 of the Google app and could soon roll out to the masses.

If you’re using an Android device with custom skin layered above, it’s likely that you already have such a feature to edit screenshot right after you capture them. However, for stock Android users, this will be a new addition. As 9to5 Google reports, the company started testing this new built-in screenshot editor for its app back in April last year. With the upcoming updates, it seems Google is finally ready to roll out the feature to everyone. Here’s how it will work.

When rolled out, the feature will be tucked in the Google app’s Settings. Go to Accounts & Privacy, a new toggle called ‘Edit and share screenshots’ will be present at the end of the list. Once you enable this, each time you take a screenshot, you will see the option to Edit or Share at the bottom panel of the page. The panel will be on-screen and the screenshot will be loaded in the background.

Once you tap on Edit, Google will open the basic editor, with options including crop and doodle. Once you are done fixing the screenshot, you can choose to tap on the check mark to save the image. The saved images will be compiled in your phone’s Screenshots folder.

After saving, the app will open the share menu for you to choose from. The sharing option will allow you to share it with other apps from within the Google app or from within a Chrome Custom Tab. The new edit and share feature will work throughout the Google app, including the Feed, Search results, or any web page you visit through the Chrome Custom Tabs.

It is worth mentioning that Google recently removed the ‘View Image’ option from its search results to discourage users from flouting copyright norms. In addition to removing the View Image option, Google also removed the ‘Search by Image’ option. With this option, you could copy or drag/drop an image to search for related images, without the need of manually typing out the search for an image. With the removal, it will be difficult for anyone to directly save high-quality images right from the search results.

  • Published Date: February 19, 2018 1:19 PM IST