Google Assistant can now play Netflix on your Android TV directly

Google had announced about the functionality support two years ago, but it never worked for Netflix.

  • Published: October 16, 2018 2:27 PM IST
Google Home 3

Google has updated Assistant’s functionality to play Netflix on Android TV using your voice. Now you’ll be able to ask Google Assistant on a connected Google Home smart speaker to directly play content from Netflix app on to your Android television.

This new integration is more like a fix to what Google had promised over two year’s ago. The Google Home speakers were designed to play/cast video content from Netflix and YouTube using a voice command to Google Assistant. While you could play YouTube videos with ease, it was the Netflix support for which the functionality never worked.

Everytime you’d asked Google Assistant to play Netflix on to TV, it would just respond with, “Sorry, I can’t play Netflix on Android TV yet.”

Now according to Android Police, Google has confirmed that the issue has been been addressed and the fix will be rolled out to all Google Home smart speaker as well as other smart speaker devices powered by Google Assistant this week.

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As per report, users will now be able to ask Google Assistant on connected Home or Google Assistant-powered smart speakers to play Netflix by saying “Hey Google, play ‘movie/series title’ on Netflix”. The functionality is reportedly working with the new Mi Box that Xiaomi launched last week. Other than that, it is also speculated that the voice assistant functionality might work for other video providers, like Amazon Video, HBO and CBS, but there is no confirmed update yet.

  • Published Date: October 16, 2018 2:27 PM IST