Google Assistant voice options gets color coded

An update for the Google Assistant will assign colors to its eight artificial intelligence voice options instead of number list.

  • Published: July 11, 2018 3:40 PM IST

Google is pushing an update for the Google Assistant which will assign colors to its eight artificial intelligence voice options. The new UI replaces previous vertical numbered list (previously listed as “Voice 1” and “Voice 2” and so on) with a horizontal bubble selector with a specific color assigned to these voices.

As reported by The Verge, the Google Assistant update change has started rolling out from Tuesday, and will continue through the week, for users in the US using the English language option. So if you have already selected any voice and remember a unique number against it, then it will be replaced with a color.

Google says the colors have been assigned randomly, hinting that no one color represents any gender or intonation. The GIF image provided by Google shows big waveform animation while selecting between voice colors.

The update is from server-end and will rollout over a week’s time apparently, so if you are in United States and want to check whether you have the new design rolled out to you, then head to Google Assistant > Settings > Preferences > Assistant voice. If you still see a list, then the option hasn’t updated for you as yet.

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In May, Google had demonstrated and announced six new voices for the Assistant, alongside its new AI efforts called Duplex, where the Assistant made an actual phone call to book an appointment. All the new voices are powered by WaveNet, which is an AI-based voice synthesizer created by Google UK’s subsidiary DeepMind. Using WaveNet technology, Google can simulate entire vocabularies without having actual human recordings.

  • Published Date: July 11, 2018 3:40 PM IST