Google brings Lens to all Google Photos users on Android

Google Lens is a nifty feature to have for visual recognition but its use case is limited right now

  • Published: March 7, 2018 9:52 AM IST
Google Lens feat

Google Lens, the visual search engine from the company, is now rolling out to all Google Photos users on Android. Google Lens is capable of recognizing images and scanning business cards, among other things.

The availability of Google Lens for all Google Photos users on Android marks the first major expansion for the visual imaging platform. It was previously available only to those with Google’s Pixel smartphones and was also available within Google Assistant. The feature is not yet rolling out to Google Assistant users on all Android smartphones yet.

Google says Lens will also be rolled out to Google Photos users on iOS soon but there is no definite timeline for the availability yet. Lens can be both frustrating and an exciting feature. With Lens, users can simply point a business card and it will both scan and save it as a contact. It can also recognize images within your camera roll and identify objects or structures. In addition to recognizing places or contacts, it can also offer more information about the sights such as opening hours, which is generally available with Google Maps.

Google notes that Lens can recognize text, places, artwork and media. It works with phone numbers, website URLs, addresses and email addresses. With Lens, users can learn more about landmarks, points of interest and notable buildings. Inside a museum, Google Lens can be used to learn more about paintings and other artwork. Lens can also look up for books, movies, music albums and video games by looking at their cover.

Google Lens, despite its pros, doesn’t support a wide use case like that of Google’s text search just yet. It is a nice feature when you want to show how the AI can detect Taj Mahal in your photo roll by tapping the Lens button in Google Photos app. As with most Google products, Lens is expected to gain more features and become a more useful product over time.

  • Published Date: March 7, 2018 9:52 AM IST