Google Chrome 59 for Android rolls out; promises up to 20% faster web page loading

The update brings minor improvements and stability to the web browser.


Google has released an update to its Chrome for Android app that significantly reduces the loading time of web pages on your device. As part of the Chrome 59 (59.0.3071.92) update, Google promises 10-20 percent faster web page loading time. The updated browser will be available via Google Play Store and other than the speed bump, there are also some improvements and features aimed at bettering the user experience.

As of now, the Google Chrome 59 is not available on the Google Play Store and as the company’s official Chromium blog notes, it will be rolled out over the coming weeks. The update further contains performance and stability fixes. What is noteworthy is that the web pages not only load faster but also use less memory with the JavaScript engine being updated.

The Chrome 59 update also brings full support for animated PNGs or APNGs, which are similar to regular GIFs but have support for 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency, making them superior in quality, Digital Trends reports. The ‘Report an issue’ button has been added on the error screen to make it easier to send a feedback. The update also fixes the WallpaperResizer to ensure the image isn’t destroyed prematurely. The entire log of changes and improvements can be found on GitLog.

In the recent past, Google has made improvements to Chrome on Android to make it easier to download pages. The browser allows users to long press any link and select ‘Download Link’ to save content. In addition to that, a new ‘Download Page Later’ button has been added to the Chrome’s offline dinosaur. Upon tapping on it, Chrome automatically downloads the page when you get back online.

Although Chrome 59 doesn’t really bring major new features to the browser, when Google introduced Chrome 58 for Android there were some noteworthy features. These features included improved downloads feature, redesigned History section, new  Tabs option and full-screen support for web apps. ALSO READ: Google Chrome 58 for Android update rolls out: Here are the 5 new features

  • Published Date: June 9, 2017 3:07 PM IST